The Most Famous Beaches

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The most visited and famous beaches in Turkey that will let you enjoy some time in water and even get a boat ride, for more visit namasteturkey.

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  • 1. The Most Famous BeachesSplashing in Turkey

2. Beaches in Kabak The small village of Kabak is the perfect place toenjoy holiday with group of friends and family. Many visitors come here from different part of theworld to chill out in one of the many bungalows andwooden huts and in the pine forested valley andpebble beach. 3. Beaches in Kabak 4. Mermerli beach Mermerli beach is a small beach is just nearbyAntalya. Here, you will also find sun loungers and shadeswith different snacks served with drinks from therestaurant. Another famous beach in Antalya is Patara Beach,which has long sand dunes. One can also see some sea turtles along the shoreof the beach, and witnessing the sunset from thisbeach is absolute magical. 5. Mermerli beach 6. Oludeniz Beach Oludeniz Beach also known as Blue Lagoon is aunique beach with a sea on one side and lagoon onthe other. It is situated at Fethiye district of Mugla Province inTurkey. This beach got its name due to its calm water evenduring storms. It is one of the crowded beaches in Turkey, but itsquite fun as well. 7. Oludeniz Beach 8. Beach of Gokceada Aydincik in Gokceada is another famous beach inthis land. It has been said that this is the best ofseveral south coast beaches, it is just 10 km fromthe town and the beach contains 1500m of blondesand lapped with water. One can also find large habitat of migratory birds inthe salt lake just inland, especially flamingos and theentire area is a well protected reserve. It also has been said that the black mud at theshoreline contains healing properties. 9. Beach of Gokceada 10. Kaputas Beach Kaputas Beach provides amazing view and if youare going to visit here by the afternoon you shouldsee the large waves and spoiled winds blowing. It is situated at a distance of 7 km from Kalkan, it hassome extremely narrow valley and forests joining thesea shore. Plan turkey vacation and enjoy the beaches withcrystal clear water in this part of the world. 11. Kaputas BeachEnjoy the Swimming at this beautiful and most popular beaches inturkey with different customized holiday to turkey plans andexperience the turkey in in way.