The most famous Hungarian band

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The most famous Hungarian band. Neoton Family. The beginning. A short history. Neoton Famlia was one of the most successful Hungarian pop-bands , they released albums and toured in several foreign countries . . A short history. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The most famous Hungarian band

The most famous Hungarian bandNeoton Family

The beginning

Neoton Famliawas one of the most successfulHungarianpop-bands,they released albums and toured in several foreign countries. A short history

The band was founded in 1965 by Lszl Psztor and Lajos Galcz, studying Economy inBudapest, on the occasion for entering the school's annual Santa Claus music contest.A short history

Their first major success was the winning the country-wide talent show: Who Knows What.In 1971 they released their first album,Bolond vros.( Mad Town) Busy weekdays

Later they cooperated with girl bandKcbabk.After a joint album, the two groups decided to merge, with a renewed style.They released an album in the same year titledCsak a zene,( Only Music) and toured socialist countries.Busy weekdays

They released the albumNapraforg,(Sunflower) which finally secured their fame, later producing an English version, that became a hit in Japan, Denmark and the Philippines and several other states. The following years proved to be busy, including a Japanese tour of 42 cities. For 4 years onwards, the band released an album in each year, with more and more composers working on the team, a condition that not only provided great songs, but suspense.Run of luck

The members:Adam & EvaNowadaysCsepreg va sings with Neoton Famlia stars today, does charity tirelessly though in her spare time. Not only collaborates on charitable concerts, but herself established a foundation for the helping of the intellectual deficiency ones.

CharityThey won in Japan in 1983 Yamaha the grand prize of a festival with a song. The title of the song: The Time Goes By.The greatest hit