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  • Classical MusicAustrian traditional music: Yodel Lndler others

  • Classical MusicVienna: important city for musical innovation European capital of classical music three composers arose last innovations Beethoven's symphonic patterns Mozart's balance between melody and form Haydn's development of string quartet and sonata division of music popular compositions serious art

  • Yodela type of throat singing developed in the Alpsused to communicate across mountainspresence of an echo is vital

  • Lndlerfolk dance in 3/4 time sometimes purely instrumental, sometimes had a vocal part at the end of the 18th centurywas popular in Austriasouth GermanyGerman Switzerland in the 19th century quicker and more elegant

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Also: Franz Schubert Johann Strauss Jr. Johann Strauss Sr. Johannes Brahms Arnold Schnberg

    Ludwig van Beethoven Joseph Haydn

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) With 4 years started his musical education Was taught by his father excellent performer and interested in composing music 1783 he moved into the "Mozarthaus Mozart died on the 5th December 1791 memorial at the graves of honour

  • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

    received his musical education by his father In 1787 he moved to Vienna worked and studied with Mozart and Haydn impairment in his hearing 1814 he presented his only opera "Fidelio around 1818 he went completely deaf

  • Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

    At the age of 8 he was sent to Vienna as a choirboy

    Until 1750 he studied violin and keyboard

    Oxford Uni. awarded him an honorary doctor of music

  • Musikverein Vienna State Opera Volksoper

  • Musikverein founded in 1812 by music loving people 5 concert halls excellent acoustic rich and imaginative decoration up to 500 concerts per year music lovers from all over the world

  • Volksoper 'Volksoper' is a major opera house

    Initially, it was built as a conventional theater stage

    In 1903 the first opera was staged there

    since 1999, home to a contemporary dance ensemble

  • Vienna State Opera one of the first buildings on the Ringstrae built between 1861 - 1869 neo-romantic style room for 2276 spectators it's stage is one of the largest in Europe