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Powerpoint Frank Gehry

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The Fish, Frank. O. Gehry

Text of Powerpoint Frank Gehry

  • 1. The Fish Frank Owen Gehry
  • 2. Frank Owen Gehry Frank Owen Gehry was born in Canada on February 28, 1929. Hes a jewish architect who lives in North America and have won some awards.
  • 3. The Fish The fish is the only sculpture that Frank Gehry has designed in Barcelona. It was built in 1992 for The Olympic Games in Barcelona and its located beside Mapfre towers and Archs hotel in Barceloneta Beach.
  • 4. Other Buildings Frank Gehry moreover, has designed: Guggenheim musem (Bilbao, Spain) American Walt Center disney (Pars, concert France) Hall (Los ngeles, EE.UU.)