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Frank Gehry Behind

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*Photos on page one and two of WeismanArt Museum at the University of Minnesota

Furniture Gehry’s“quick x”10Architects

can also create jewelry09

IAC building NYC,blueprint developsinto a work of art07/08

The Work, Frank Gehry. limitless and timeless works using non traditional media to create serious art06

The Man, Frank Gehry. the visionary, the architect05

Guggenheim Bilbao, one of Gehry’s mostrenowned buildings03/04

Intro, depictsthe ideas behindFrank Gehry02Table

of Contents01

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Frank Owen Gehry is anarchitect that looks beyond conventional and imagines a construction without restrictions,boundries, and creates limitless and timeless and timeless structures. This is the goal that all architects strive for but only a fewachieve.

TThis book dedicatesitself to a man that madeAmericanarchitecturestand out and becomebecomeinternationallyknown.

INTRO- - - - - -

A short book

dedicated to

Frank O. Gehrybehind02

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“the randomness of the curves are

designed to catch the light”- Frank Gehry

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The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

is one of Frank Gehry’s mostmesmerizing designs. This design is what

many people across the world know him for.The building was designed for an

aart museum in Bilbao, Spain in 1997.The construction system is made

of steel framing with titaniumsheathing in a expressionist

modern style. Its a monumentalfree sculpture of curvaceous

metal-clad forms.

LiLike many of Gehry's works, thisstructure consists of radically

sculpted, organic contours. Thebuilding is intended to resemble a

ship and the titanium, sh scales that are made to reeect the organic form.

Which serves nicely as it is placed on thewwaterfront of the Nervión river. Also intypical Gehry fashion, the building is

uniquely a product of the period'stechnology. Much computer aids and

visualizations were used for this structures design.



DESIGNED 1997guggenhe



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Much of Gehry's work falls within the style of Deconstructivism. Deconstructivism, also known as DeCon Architecture, is often referred to as post-structuralist in

natunature for its ability to go beyond current modalities of structural deenition. Because of this, unlike early modernist structures, DeCon structures are not required to reeectspeciec social or universal ideas, such as speed or universality of fform, and they do not reeect a belief that form follows function.

01 - Frank Gehry at a board of directors meetingbefore the construction of the IAC Building.02 - The staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario.AGO was Gehry’s erst construction in Canada.






Page 7: Frank Gehry Behind

Gehry is sometimes associated with what is known as the "Los Angeles School," or the "Santa Monica School" of architecture. The appropriateness of this designation and the existence of designation and the existence of such a school, however, remains controversial due to the lack of a unifying philosophy or theory. This designation stems from the Los Angeles area's producing a group of the most innuential post modern architects, including post modern architects, including such notable Gehry contemporaries as Eric Owen Moss and Pritzker Prize-winner Thom Mayne of Morphosis, as well as the famous schools of architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture,California Institute of Architecture,UCLA, and USC where Gehry is a member of the Board of Directors. Gehry’s style at times seems unnnished or even crude, but his work is consistent with the California ‘funk’ art movement in California ‘funk’ art movement in the 1960s and early 1970s, which featured the use of inexpensive found objects and non-traditional media such as clay to make serious art. Gehry has been called serious art. Gehry has been called "the apostle of chain-link fencing and corrugated metal siding". However, a retrospective exhibit at New Yorks's Whitney Museum in 1988 revealed that he is also a sophisticated classical artist, who sophisticated classical artist, who knows European art history and contemporary sculpture and painting.

03 - The Mirror House in Dusseldorf, Germany. One of three that brings together the buildings with its mirror renection to mix the colors of the surrounding two.04 - Geh04 - Gehry Buildings in Dusseldorf, Germany. A threebuilding reconstruction in1999. A free form facade forthe three ofnce buildings.

05 - The Walt Disney Concert Hall, completed in latespring 2003. Gehry’s most inspiring work is a stunning piece of architecture, with metaphoric interpretationsranging from blooming nower to sailing ship.






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Like all architects the design begins as a thoughtwhich leads to an idea that presents asa blueprint and grows into a 3D rendering thateventually builds into a sculpture. But unlike anyregular architect Gehry provides a passion, a theme and theme and taste of irregularity to all of his work. Different from many architect Gehry deees logistics but still creates forms with functionality and sophistication. Relevant tothe location Gehry creates Masterpieceslike the IAC Building in Chelsea. A buildingdesigned of glass and steel which resemblesthe sails of a shithe sails of a ship. IAC ets perfectly withthe scenery as the Chelsea piers waterfront and Navy survey ships rest across this extraordinary building. A tourist attractionof a business building.

IAC Building Chelsea

Manhattan, NY


Page 9: Frank Gehry Behind

Looking at Gehry’s work there is a level ofQuality that many architects

do not posses. Theamount of time and effort involved in

a Frank Gehry design is overwhelming.TThe preperation of a structure or

building involves months of development and several architects.

His designs explore the possibilitiesboth in the methods of constructing

and assembling architecture and in theformal composition of architectural forms, his designs

hhave been proposed globally.

Although his designs and ideas were developed mostly in his mind, at one point in his career, Gehry had his best architects render a crumpled piece of paper. A way to test their abilities and give theman idea of how light hits a shape hits a shape to create a unique form. This is alsobelieved to be the wayGehry came up with thephenomenal design of the Guggenheim Museumin Bilbao, Spain.


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n addition to architecture, Gehry has made a line of furniture, jewelry, various household items, sculptures, and even a glass bottle for Wyborowa Vodka. I His rst line of furniture, produced from 1969–1973, was called "Easy Edges", constructed out of cardboard. Another line of furniture released in the spring of 1992 is "Bentwood Furniture". Each piece is named after a different hockey term. He was rst introduced to making furniture in 1954 while serving in the U.S. Army, where he designed furniture for the enlisted soldiers. Gehry claims that making furniture is his "quick x".

The Frank Gehry Furniture Collection Created by the world's most celebrated architect. A spectacular piece being the three cubes design, in silver resin

(shown below is the sofa from this collection). It is a sculpture in

space with sleek surfaces anddowing lines, Gehry has created

the most innthe most innovative furniture.Beautiful and functional thisfurniture creates a stunning

group indoors and outdoors.The molded twist cube

appropriate for commercial,institutional and residential use.





Page 11: Frank Gehry Behind

Frank Gehry’s ideas came from past centuries, he began sketching sh andincorporated that ow into his jewelry and furniture. Many Architects would use

inspiration from the Greek era, Gehry believed if you were to go that far backand be afraid to look forward, you might as well go way back, before the

Greeks before mankind. The sh resembles atype a passion that Gehry has for shape,

form, and line. The scales of a sh represent dimension and re ections he incorporates

throughout many of his designs and structures. His jewelry can be found most

well known at Tiffany & Co. where his collection continues to be a

best seller and keeps evolving year over


Modern Gehry Furniture


Jewelry Collection


Page 12: Frank Gehry Behind

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