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Frank Gehry

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Frank Gehry. By: Grace Phillips. About the Artist. Born on February 28 th 1929 in Ontario Canada In 1947 he moved to Los Angeles, California He received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from University of Southern California. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry By: Grace PhillipsAbout the ArtistBorn on February 28th 1929 in Ontario Canada

In 1947 he moved to Los Angeles, California

He received a bachelors degree in architecture from University of Southern California.

He has been a professor at Columbia University, Yale, Rhode Island School of Design, and many more

In 2011 he went back to University of Southern California as a professor of architecture.

His InspirationUse to play with scrap wood with his grandmother on the floor

Drawn to the social issues, architecture is the panacea for cities futures

For me it's a free association, but it grows out of a sense of responsibility, sense of values, human values. The importance of relating to the community, and all of those things...and the client's budget, their pocketbook, the client's wishes

DeconstructivismPostmodern architecture that began in 1980s

Departs from modernist style

Function follows form

Non-rectangular, distortion, fragments, manipulation

Influenced by French philosopher Jacques Derrida

Daniel Libeskind, Christine and Horst LechnerFormal QualitiesHis work is abstract incorporates movement

The interaction between space, people, and building is important

Reflection and play of light

Functional building, but with a sculptural twist

His ProcessHe starts with scribble sketches

Then builds a rough model out of thick paper

Assistance take pictures to load to the computer

Computer programs provide the math and physics to make it stand

Beekman Tower, New York

The Experience Music Project, Seattle

Dancing House, Prague

Guggenheim Museum, Spain

Vitra Design Museum, Germany

Millennium Park, Chicago

Lesson IdeasHave students construct small buildings in similar processes

Compare and contrast his architecture to traditional buildings

Look at other deconstructivist artists

Write a reflection on overall effectiveness of his style in communicating his ideas.

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