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A selection of images from 5 years in Oman.

Text of Oman Travel Photography

  • 1. IMAGES OF OMAN Paul McGreavy

2. 0man is one of the most intriguing places in which I have travelled. Its combination of true desert, arid plateau & mountain, the wonderfully varied coastline and the Khareef green mountains of Dhofar make the Sultanate a geographer's paradise. The real beauty of Oman, though, is in its peoples, the Omanis, the Bedu, the Dhofaris, the Jebalis; proud, welcoming, with a long history and rich culture; a people with whom I am proud to have lived and worked. Paul McGreavy 3. A Dhofari Bagpipe Player 4. Singers and musicians at a party in Salalah 5. Omani Women 6. Dhofaris 7. Khanjars 8. Wadi Darbat, Dhofar 9. Coconut Stalls in Dhariz 10. The Beach at Fizayah 11. A Dhofari Beach 12. Cars on the Beach, Sohar 13. DesertRoads 14. Camel herder in the hills behind Salalah. 15. Above the Khareef cloud, Jebel Samhan 16. Khareef 17. The Rub Al Khali 18. Fizayah 19. Streetlights in the Desert Khor Rawi Beach 20. The Road to Yemen 21. Dhariz Beach, Salalah. 22. Boat on the Beach 23. The waterfalls Wadi Darbat Palms at Dhariz 24. The Fishing Fleet at Mirbat 25. Mirbat Town 26. The Guard Goats of Sur 27. Land of Castles Mirani - Muscat Mannah Bahla 28. Tourists at Jabrin 29. Alcovia & Arcadia 30. Omani Paperazzi Standing Above Taiq Cave 31. Nizwa Friday Souk 32. The Livestock Souk - Nizwa 33. Looking down into the Fodder Souk- Nizwa 34. At Work 35. Saeed the Goldsmith 36. Faces in the Crowd - Nizwa 37. Face in the Crowd - Nizwa 38. Work & rest 39. Jebali in Wadi Ishat 40. Men in the Friday Souk 41. Bedu Women at the Friday Souk 42. Black on White 43. Women on the Beach 44. Pakistani ex-pats taking it easy 45. Generations Apart 46. Above Al Hamra 47. Tending Date Palms, Izki 48. Misfa Al Abbryn 49. In the jebel 50. Birkat Al Mauz 51. Ballad Seet Misfa Al Abbryn 52. Dawn in the Desert Near Ibri 53. Bullfighting in the Battenah 54. Muttrah 55. Muttrah at Dusk 56. Bonfire at Bahla 57. After the launch 58. Sunsets in Salalah 59. Dusk above Salalah