Travel Photography Awards: People's Choice

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A study in blue. Meknes, Morocco. Photographer:Douglas Fike

Arch and rider, Marrakech. Photographer:Douglas Fike

Shoppers and vendors meet at Senaru Market. This is where the social heart of the village is. Photographer:Fiona Van Kampen

45 friends and family members on camels travelling across the desert toward the sunset. Photographer:Louis Kwan

A Quechua woman inspects her newly acquired pet "Negrito" (Blackie) for parasites near a market in Santa Cruz Island. Photographer:Luis Ortiz-Catedral

A boy plays with his bike in the light. Scotty Graham

Colorful Autumn Leaves at Maruyama Park, Kyoto - Japan. Photographer:Willy Lesmana

This was an old abandoned building in Old San Juan. Photographer:Daniel Levin

A day in the life of Novice Monks. Photographer:Sesh Sareday

Destinations patchwork. Photographer:Maciej Makowski

Market vendor shelling beans. San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. Photographer:Douglas Fike

"The enchanted forest". Shot at the Gobblin Forrest, Egmont National Park . Photographer:Jason Law

Aboriginal Music Didgeridoo is kind of wooden trumpet which was developed by Indigenous Australians. Photographer:Achiranshu Garg

Cappadocia, Turkey. Photographer:Bapi Chakraborty

This Chefchaouen man will visit his Mosque to pray five times a day. Before entering, he will wash - a life long ritual. Photographer:Phil Blakely

Near of Leh, Ladakh. Indian Himalayas. Two Buddhism nuns. Photographer:Martn Merino Ronda

A leper reading his Amharic bible in front of a church in Lake Tana. Photographer:Jo Currie

The huskies never seemed to mind the subzero temperatures at night. Photographer:Steven Pearce

Down Under. Photographer:Johanna Loch-Allen

A light boat on the way to a very small island. Photographer:Kevin Lendio

Human shapes. Photographer:Barbara Rago

Snowing in Warsaw. Photographer:Talitha Cranstoun

The Northern Lights going ballistic just outside of Svolvar in Lofoten, Norway. Photographer:Rodney Thomas

A small indoor market in West Java, Indonesia. Photographer:Scotty Graham

The Commuters of Kolkata. Photographer:Grace Montives

Three Sumatran spectators sit next to the rice paddies watching the action in the mud below them. Photographer:Scotty Graham

Bringing them in, straightaway. Outer Mongolia. Photographer:Douglas Fike

Peeking China. Photographer:Gerardus Verspeek

Sunrise on the windward side of Oahu. Photographer:Adam Duffy

Morning on the maunga (mountain) with the city farm sheep. Photographer:Steve Harper

A young Mursi girl in the South Omo Valley. Photographer:Jo Currie

Morning dreamscape. Ronda, Spain. Photographer:Douglas Fike

Sunset in Padua - Intense farewell to the day in this wonderful city in Northern Italy. Photographer:Viktor Lakics

Happiness in simplicity. Photographer:Dominic Dowson

Africa Wild. Photographer:Gray Hawn

Egyptian Spring. Photographer:Gray Hawn

Amazing Myanmar(Burma). Photographer:Zay Yar Lin

Man sitting on bags of rice purchased at the market, waiting to transport them to nearby Gili Islands. Photographer:Fiona Van Kampen

A glorious church located on the Snaefellsnes peninsula. Photographer:Jennifer Greenland

Creepy Crawlies. Photographer:Larissa Barker

Papua New Guinea: The Rituals of the Wigmen in Tari. Photographer:Betsy Bond

Bovine Nepal. Photographer:Jason Freeman

Glimpse of Hawaii. Photographer:Rachna Nagarajan

Daily Activity. Photographer:Bastian A. Saputra

END30-MAYO-2016Cappadocia, Turkey, an overview of this ancient landscape and its famous cave dwellings. Photographer:Bapi Chakraborty