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1. The Saltire represents a country honed by its history and national treasures 2. Castles. Photographers from differentcountries, professional or otherwise, havetaken hundreds of pictures of the centuries-old structures that once protected noble menand women. The locations of these historicalheritages have also been documented forframes and prints, The Loch Ness Center has also giventravel photographers major reasons tovisit Scotland as it provides interestinginsights and natural beauties of itsimmense biodiversity, as one of themost famous lakes in the world.Framed pictures of these places makefor wonderous wall art. 3. http://www.imagesandprints.comSuch excitements turn photographers into a clicking frenzy, photos of which areamazing subjects for framed prints and canvas art prints. 4. http://www.imagesandprints.comAs the year 2011 comes to an end, Scotland is getting geared for the HogmanayFestival, a new years celebration to be held on the 30th of December to 1st ofJanuary next year. This festival often reaches its peak at midnight of 31stDecember with the ringing of bells and plenty of kissing from the crowd. 5. For more breath taking images of Scotland Travel Photography, FramedPrints and Canvas wall arts or other topics of interest, you may visit ourwebsite, which is a highend printing and framing collaboration between Lonely Planet Images and