Mobile Apps for Incentive Travel: Going Beyond Mobile 101

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Matthew Donegan-Ryan, Director of Mobile Strategy, CrowdCompass Mobile technology is one of the most significant areas of change facing the MICE industry. It is not only shifting the way companies do business, it is also presenting new opportunities for incentive travel trips. Explore how mobile technology can broaden the impact on company culture, brand awareness and team-building during incentive travel trips, while also making the entire experience more fun and interactive for participants. Learning Outcomes: Be able to identify mobile technology trends that are changing incentive travel. Understand how to leverage mobile apps to inspire company culture and brand awareness. Recognize the ROI from mobile apps beyond statistical download numbers.

Text of Mobile Apps for Incentive Travel: Going Beyond Mobile 101

  • 1.Mobile Apps for Incentive Travel Improving communication and collaboration@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR

2. About me Matthew Donegan-Ryan Director of Mobile Strategy for CrowdCompass Joined the event industry in 2005Helped lead two event technology companies through successful acquisitionsExperience with most of the major event technologies@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 3. Todays presentation Mobile growth and its impact on incentive travelSelecting a vendor to meet your goalsInspiring fun, culture, brand and commitmentROI: statistics and beyond@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 4. Mobile usage@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 5. Mobile is growing quickly2Billion smartphones / tablets will be sold in 2014 thats7X the number of PCs expected to be sold @crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 6. Constantly connected smartphone users check their phones150x a day or, once every6.5 minutes @crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 7. @crowdcompass @crowdcompass| |@MatthewDR @MatthewDR 8. Smartphone growth drives app downloads 201264 billion app downloads2013102 billion app downloads2017Gartner predicts268 billion app downloads! @crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 9. Its an app eat app world out there the web just lives in it. Mobile Apps Mobile Web@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 10. Mobile apps are more popularMobile appsMobile web201385%vs.15%201264%vs.36% @crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 11. We use apps for everything Weather updates 73% Social networking 60%Games 57% Videos / photos 55% Navigation 55% @crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 12. Mobile isnt all fun and games Nearly 70% of employees who own a smartphone or tablet use it for businessSource: Ovum Research@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 13. Using mobile for businessSource: ShoreTelSky@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 14. Encourage productivityApps can increase employeeproductivity by 45%Source: Aberdeen survey@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 15. How will you engage employees?More than 1 in 10 incentive planners are now using a mobile appSource: MeetingsNet@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 16. What can your app do?@crowdcompass @crowdcompass| |@MatthewDR @MatthewDR 17. Mobile apps can help youConnect CommunicateEngage@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 18. Connect and collaborate@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 19. Communicate and engage@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 20. Inspire and motivate Higher employee engagement = Higher work performance and company loyalty@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 21. Enhance their experience @crowdcompass @crowdcompass| |@MatthewDR @MatthewDR 22. Know whats happening@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 23. Know where to go@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 24. Know whos there@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 25. Selecting a mobile app provider @crowdcompass @crowdcompass| |@MatthewDR @MatthewDR 26. What are your objectives?Relaxation?Sharing information?Fun?Strengthening company culture?@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 27. What will you need? Agendas and mapsA photobased gameSocial sharingNotifications and surveys@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 28. Understand the why RelaxationAgendas and mapsFunSocial sharingSharing informationNotifications and surveysStrengthening company culturePhoto-based game @crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 29. Polls Surveys Push Multi-event app@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 30. Integrate social media more than 1 billion users with 751 million of them on mobileover 500 million users with 60% of them on mobile@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 31. Make it socialSign in with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accountShare experiences across all social media platforms@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 32. Gamify your app Design fun picture challenges and give prizesProject leaderboard and get everyone involvedBuild camaraderieCreate a memorable experience@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 33. Decide whos #1@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 34. Technology + service@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 35. One platform for all your needs@crowdcompass @crowdcompass| |@MatthewDR @MatthewDR 36. Inspiring culture, brand and commitment@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 37. Think Strategic, Act Tactical TacticalBasic spreadsheetsAPI personalizationGamification featuresData for stakeholder engagementStrategicBrandingCultureCommunity commitmentYear-round Engagement201020112012@crowdcompass2013|@MatthewDR 38. Promote the app Gather Prepare your promotional materials (email, social media, website banners)Promote Create your promotion calendar and figure out the who, what and when (emails, website, communications)Reinforce Encourage your attendees to download the app (staff trained, welcome letters)@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 39. Inspiring CommitmentYear round engagement Multi-event app Push notification Individual learning Content Sharing @crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 40. ROI: Statistics and beyond@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 41. Valuable metrics Total app downloadsNumber of external page viewsNumber of people who used app per platformTop 10 favorited activities and organizationsNumber of times people opened the appTop 10 rated activities and organizationsNumber of sessions openedNumber of times an item is bookmarkedNumber of banner views and tapsTotal number of notes takenNumber of times an exhibitors profile is viewedNumber of scheduled items per userNumber of times users share contact infoNumber of checkinsNumber of page views within the app@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 42. Non-Clickable Metrics For your brand? For your culture? For the overall experience? Recruiting and longevity? @crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 43. Summary Meet mobile expectationsMake it fun & build your cultureEvaluate early and oftenBet on a winnerPlatform play is key@crowdcompass|@MatthewDR 44. Questions?Fill out the survey and get our new eBook! @crowdcompass|@MatthewDR