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Supplier Apps, LLC is a mobile application development company that serves manufactures and suppliers by developing extremely useful mobile apps for their distributor sales reps. Our mobile apps provide distributor sales reps with product information, product selling sheets, product flyers and tech support all in one place. Our mobile apps also provide instant communication between the manufacturers and suppliers and their distributor sales reps.

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  • 1. Supplier Apps, LLCis a mobile app development company that serves manufactures and suppliers by developing extremely useful mobile apps for their distributor sales reps. Developing a successful mobile app for manufacturers and suppliers takes more than just building a great app. It takes industry smarts, and no one knows the manufacturing and supplier industry quite like Supplier Apps. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, our team is steeped in relationships and industry marketing strategies. Our team is comprised of marketing and sales experts, as well as lab scientists whoroutinelyinteract with manufacturers, sales reps, and distributor marketing teams from industry giants worldwide.

2. 200 million mobile workers will be usingmobile business apps in 2013 iPadis being deployed or tested at 86% ofFortune 500 companies. 3. Email open rates less than 20%, opened 6 hours of being sent SMS (instant messages) over 95% open rates within 4 minutes 4. Distributor sales reps cant keep up withevery product. Tell them what they needto know by putting your content on theirdevices and educate your sales reps onthe fly. Product Info SmartSheets Printables 5. 42% Increased Productivity 39% Reduced Paperwork 37% Increased Revenue - Frost & Sullivan 6. Communicatingwith sales reps is increasingly challenging. Going through "official" channels can be ineffective and sending information via email is often discarded.Notifications News SocialBlog 7. Gettingproduct feedback from customers is always a challenge, unless there is a problem. Do customers have positive experiences with your products? Now youll know. Q&A Forum PhotoFeedback Surveys Support 8. Imagine a sales rep sitting with a customer and showing them videos of your products and how they work. Right off your app, sales reps can instantly pull up video and images of your products. Video Images 9. Connectwith your customers and sales reps while at trade shows, conferences... any event youll be at and provide special offers. All with a few clicks.Event Check-in Mobile Memos Tell-a-friend 10. Everything at their fingertips to sell your products. Product information, product selling sheets, instant communication, videos. Its all there.Product Info SmartSheets Notifications Video 11. Supplier Apps can develop a mobile app for your company for 1/3 the cost in 1/3 the time.Visit us on the web: www.supplierapps.comCall: 210.417.4172