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Mobile Content: Mobile Apps. Wednesday, January 30, 2013 1 : 3 0 – 3:00 P.M. [email protected] tb r.edu Associate Vice Chancellor Tennessee Board of Regents Office of Mobilization & Emerging Technologies www.TBRMobile.org. Robbie K. Melton, Ph.D. Mobile Content: Mobile Apps. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Content: Mobile Apps

#AImobilelearn#Christine will have this slide up during her introduction, it says up while she introduces Mark and reads his bio, etc.

Thank you for joining this webinar; it is my pleasure to share my knowledge and expertise on this subject with you.1Wednesday, January 30, 20131:30 3:00 [email protected] Vice ChancellorTennessee Board of RegentsOffice of Mobilization & Emerging Technologieswww.TBRMobile.org

Robbie K. Melton, Ph.D.Mobile Content: Mobile Apps

#How can mobile technologies transform teaching, support learning goals, and prepare students with the knowledge and skills that they need for the 21st century job market?

This session will explore the impact and transformation of mobilization, as well as several practical approaches in the administration, planning, management, and measures of effectiveness for the use of mobilization (mobile devices and mobile content) in improving teaching and learning and increasing engagement and retention.

Session Description#Identify mobile apps according to mobile device of choice; aligned to programs/disciplines; as related to educational levels.

- Identify standards of quality for the use of mobile apps for teaching, learning, and workforce development.LEARNING OUTCOMEAfter participating attendees will#Introduction of Session [5 mins.]

Impact of Mobilization in Education [15 mins.] *Video ClipsDid You Know?Did You Know This?Feedback & Reflection [5 mins.]

Showcase of Current Mobile Devices in Education: PreK- 20 [15 mins.]

Feedback & Reflection [5 mins.]

Impact and Transformation of Mobile Devices in Education

#Identification of Mobilization Issues in Education Settings-Mobilization Needs Assessment-Mobilization Rubrics-Feedback & Reflection [35 mins.] Determination of Value for Education & WorkforceSafety ~ Security ~ ADA ComplianceTeaching ~ Learning ~ Careers Effectiveness Access ~Retention ~ Graduation Rate Impact

LEARNING OUTCOMEACTIVITY#Purpose: Establish and share criteria TBReLearning will use to evaluate mobile devices for use in teaching/learning.

Article: Evaluation of Handheld Devices for Mobile Learning by Economides and Nikalaou:


Learning in Hand | Ways to Evaluate Educational Apps: http://learninginhand.com/blog/ways-to-evaluate-educational-apps.html

LEARNING OUTCOMEACTIVITY#Criteria for Evaluating New Technology: http://www.rit.edu/ntid/edr/system/files/rubric.pdf

Why the Touchpad is good for CTOs and instructional designers: http://www.webosnation.com/why-touchpad-good-ctos-and-instructional-designers-guest-post

TechCrunch | Compare Tablets: http://tablets.techcrunch.com/

Tablets 2012 | Best Tablets: http://tablets-review.toptenreviews.com/LEARNING OUTCOMEACTIVITY#8

Educational Use 5%

LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#What students are doing with their mobile devices. No significant educational use.9

ETSU FacultyApple iPadStudentsAndroids

LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#The types of mobile devices of students and faculty. ETSU Mobilization Study 2011 of Faculty and Students Use of Mobile Devices for Education10


LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#Tennessee Board of RegentsMobilization Strategic Plan Model

- WWW.TBRMobile.org

Review of Strategic PlanBusiness ModelFeedback & Reflection [5 mins.]

Impact and Transformation of Mobile Devices in Education


Tennessee Board of Regents

1st and only Mobilized System of Higher Education mTBR

www.TBRMobile.Org Education On-Demand In Your Hands AppsTabletsSmartPhoneseReaders

+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#Tennessee Board of Regents Mobilization Strategic PlanMobile Product Sample System wide Sample / PurchaseADA ComplianceTBR IT [security/networking]IMS Common Cartridge StandardsCost & ResourcesMobilization Examination30 Days Campus EvaluationsFaculty & Staff TestersPilot StudiesSurveys & ObservationsCurriculum /Program AlignmentStudent OutcomesMobilization OutcomesProgram AlignmentStudent OutcomesRetention ImpactWorkforce ApplicationEmployment OpportunitiesEducational Pricing System Wide PurchaseAnnual EvaluationsMobilization DemonstrationVendor ShowcaseProduct DemonstrationFaculty & Student Usability Vendor Use References Vendor IT & IMS Demos


ITBusinessTeachLearnCareersStudentLegalSystem Wide Purchases of Mobile Devices & AccessoriesEvaluation & EffectivenessCampus Communication & Collaboration


TrainingForumsSummitConferences30 Days Product EvaluationMobile APP PreK-Ph.D.Workforce CenterADAStateNationalBoardsCommittees+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#TBRm Strategic Goal: To deliver educational and workforce content on students preferred mobile device of choice.

+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#We cannot control or dictate what students will purchase. Plus, the advances in mobile devices change every 90 days.Therefore, we must find ways to deliver education and training to students preferred device of choice. Now known as B.Y.O.D. Bring Your Own Device17TBRm Strategic Goal: To investigate the use of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, apps, and social media tools for recruiting, marketing, and to increase retention academically and socially.


+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#TBRm Strategic Goal: To provide professional development and training on how to utilize mobile devices and apps for teaching, learning, research, workforce development.

+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#We are proactive in investigating the best methods and new teaching practices for utilizing mobile devices for teaching, learning, and workforce development.20Mobilization Resource & Business ModelTBRm Strategic Goal: To establish cost effective business models for addressing the fast and continuing changes in the field of mobilization and to reduce duplication of efforts and to maximize resources

Major Innovation in Mobilization every 90 DaysCell Phones toSmart Phones

+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#Show Cell Phone Watch21Mobilization for increasing enrollment:With reports that 75% of incoming college students tour the schools they choose and 83% only see between 0 to 4 schools during their search.

+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#TBRm Strategic Goal: To provide safe, secure (protection of privacy and data), device management, and reliable bandwidth.

+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#Ensuring Safety, Security, and Management of Devices on Campus23

Traditional Model


$600 x 47 = $28,200*Discontinued in 12 months*Over ten new launched models for 2012

TBR Mobilization ModelENTOURAGE DUAL BOOK TABLET PC $600TBR SYSTEM WIDE Purchasing & Testing of 10 $600 x 10 = $6,000

Cost Saving to TBR $+22,2002011-12: 16 major mobile innovative devices (possible scenario) 16 x $600 x 47 campuses = $451,200 +LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#

TBRm System Wide Examination & Scalability of Apps Apple App Volume Purchase Program

+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#Make available educational impactful apps such as The Elements25National and International Recognition & AwardsTBR Mobilization Leadership U.S.A. Today (2011) Highlighted TBR Mobilization InitiativesWSCC Recognized as the 1st Mobilized Community College due to their Strategic Campus & Departmental Mobilization Plans2011 WSCC & Hamblen County Schools P16 Apple Mobilization Summit (requested invitation by the U.S. Department of Education.APSU Mobile Apps and Development Center (Recognized by IMS Global Learning)MERLOT Higher Education System Innovation for MobilizationMac Learning Magazine (2011) TBR Mobilization Resource CenterCampus Technology (2012) TBR Mobilization Resource CenterSloan-C International Webinar: TBR Leadership in MobilizationEDUCAUSE 2012 Southern Regional Keynote Address+LEARNING OUTCOMERESOURCE#TBR Award Winner of the WCET 2012 WOW Award

Technology Innovation Mobilization Leadership & Mobile App Educational & Workforce Resource Center


LEARNING OUTCOMEQUESTIONS#LEARNING OUTCOMEEVALUATIONPlease remember to complete the event evaluation. Your comments will help us continually improve the quality of our programs.Thank you!Follow us: Copyright 2013 Academic Impressions#Participants are to download the following apps for upcoming sessions:CloudOn Microsoft Office Mobile App (free): App Overview Apple Download | Android Download

GoClass (free) App Overview Apple Download | Android Download

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