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  1. 1. ABOUT ATHENS: Greece has a great tourist potential since ancient times, the trend carried further and an estimated 17.5 million people visit this Southern European country, located on the end of Balkan Peninsula bordering the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Among the European countries it is the most mountainous country. Western and Central Greece has high and steep peaks. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain and the prime attraction of Greece tourism. The city has seen many ups and downs but still stands with a firm determination. Acropolis of Athens and Daphnis monasteries are remarkable landmarks declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, at the basin of Attica almost in the middle of the Greek mainland, between the regions of Sterna Hellas to the north and Peloponnesus to the South West. Read more ALL THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT ATHENS, GREECE
  2. 2. BEST TIME TO VISIT ATHENS: Athens has a Mediterranean type of climate encompassed with hot dry summers and mild winters with less rainfall. The best soothing seasons of the region can be quoted as spring and autumn. This moderate weather keeps the city buzzed up with hordes of tourists throughout the year but peak tourist time or the best time to visit Athens is supposed to be between July and August. August is the time when you can witness some explicit events like carnival time in Athens. April to middle of June weather is mild and it is not much crowdie, so if you love to visit this destination when it is less occupied by the visitors then travel during the week of Greek Orthodox Easter. Read more
  3. 3. LOCAL TRANSPORT IN ALBANIA: Athens city busses are the most sophisticated means of transportation in the city. Even while coming from or going to the Airport these busses provide best solution of travelling. Taxis are available at the airport and are more comfortable. Tram is the affordable means of transportation and if your hotel is located between city centre and beach then it will be more convenient to go around the city centre. Underground is the quickest means of transport but not much convenient for the foreign visitors. Read more
  4. 4. ACCOMMODATION IN ATHENS: An estimated seventeen million people visit Greece out of which around fourteen million visitors are supposed to visit the capital Athens. These large numbers of tourists landing in this historic city are accommodated in more than two hundred fifty hotels spread across the perimeters of the city. The different types of accommodations here serve various budgets and the choice of the tourists. Hotels mainly are categorized into star, budget and cheap. They are classified as per the star rating system instead of class type. The star hotels again are divided into grades A to C. Hotels in Athens are to be booked prior your arrival since top ones like Attalos, Adonis and the Electra Palace are booked unexpectedly even in the off season time like July to September. Read more
  5. 5. SHOPPING IN ATHENS: Shopping can be quoted as one of the interesting activities in Athens. Athinas, Aeolou and Ermou Street are some of the best areas for getting comparatively cheap clothing of better quality. Downtown Athens with areas like Plaka and Monastiraki are attracting lots of tourists, popular for their immense shopping options. Since the region is closed for vehicle traffic shoppers are at liberty to walk across and check for best shopping options. Spilopoulas to the extreme of Ermous is best for leather goods. Evripidou Street and cross Athinas Street are like China Markets of Athens where you will find lot of mixed stuff at a throw away price. August, September, January and February are the months to enjoy big sales on most of the commodities. Syntagma square is the place where you can concentrate on grabbing some explicit bargains. Read more
  6. 6. PLACES TO VISIT IN ATHENS: Athens, great capital city of Greece a magical wonderland, birthplace of Olympic Games, icon of philosophy and democracy, heart of finance, politics, arts and architecture has many spectacular places to visit. Some of the fascinating places to visit include Acropolis: This is the greatest treasure of art and architectural complex encompassing monuments which are universal symbols of the classical civilization, well-preserved and presented to the worldwide travelers. Temple of Olympian Zeus Which is also known as Olympian is a Greek-Roman temple located to the southwest of Acropolis. The Kisangani Monastery This 11th century monastery located to the east of Athens at the foot of Ymittos Hill is surrounded by a tall fence with two gates at the east and west side. Piraeus Piraeus is major port of Athens, the largest in Greece and one of the most important in Mediterranean Sea. Read more
  7. 7. MONUMENTS/HISTORICAL PLACES/FORTS IN ATHENS: Athens is the final capital city of Greece with most popular ancient monuments of the country embedded in its boundaries. Jewelry Museum The Iliad Calacanis Jewelry Museum is a centre for international studies in jewelry encompassed in the old Iliad Calhoun's workshop on the south slope of the Acropolis. Panathenaic Stadium This place which was originally a natural hollow part between two hills of Agra and Arietis changed into a stadium by Lycurgus in 330-329 BC for the athletic competitions of the Great Panathenaic Festivities. Egosthena It was an ancient fortified city of Attica 19 km of the ancient city of Megara to which it belonged. The walls of the ancient city are to significant height around the citadel and along the northern wall. Read more
  8. 8. BEACHES IN ATHENS: Athens has a long coastal line with many beautiful beaches on the southern and north- eastern side of Attica Peninsula. The coast line from Glyfada to Cape union has some of the best beaches as well as caves. Varkiza beach The sandy beach of Varkiza is in the resort town of Varkiza on the tip of the metropolitan area which is the summer resort of the Athenians. It is easily accessed from the town. The beach is 500 meters long sandy beach adorned with explicit flora and fauna. Alimos beach This fine sandy beach is close to the city just around eleven km connected with local transportation facilities. It is bustling with beach lovers both locals and the visitors in the summer season. Glyfada Beach Glyfada is a suburb in the southern region of Metropolitan area home to the countries rich and renowned personalities. Glyfada beach is the most popular summer beach having classic clubs and bars offering every opportunity to the visitors to have fun and enjoyment. Read more
  9. 9. FESTIVALS IN ATHENS: This Greek city renowned for its architectural wonders, historical monuments and an outstanding cultural background celebrate many festivals which show its religious trends and belief in god. Athens Festival This specific festival of Athens held between June-September at Herod Atticus Ode on every summer since 1955. Hellenic Dance festival The dance festivals of Athens are the feast of excellent performances by cities most popular dancers and performed by best choreographers. Klamath International Dance Festival is the lead event celebrated in Athens International Dance Centre. Carnival & Clean Monday Carnival in Athens comes in February parallel to Orthodox Lent and closes on the first day of lent. The city is on a rampart during carnival celebrations. Read more
  10. 10. ATTRACTIOINS IN ATHENS: Greeks and ultimately Athenians are an easy go lucky type of people, taking everything in a light mood and keeping a positive attitude towards life. Since historic times Athens is known for its cheering night life. Life style of the Greeks incorporates enjoying a splendid nightlife in one of the nightclubs, bars and cafes pitching vibrating music and fun for all. The most energetic areas of the city where exceptional night life happens are Glyfada, exarch, Kifissia, Kolomna and Thasian. The bars keep roaring till the last customer is on board. Most of the famous clubs are at the beach coast which offers services in the summer. Considering the Zest of Athens nightlife most of the international DJ's visit these city clubs. Read more
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