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1. I was born in SantaAna and I grew up allover Orange County. 2. I have been to 3traditional colleges,but the mostimportant learning Ihave experienced hascome from workshops& the reading I havedone on my own time.The book that changedmy life more than anyother is about how tosave the world, itscalled Ishmael and itwas written by DanielQuinn. 3. MyFavorite There are many things I feel love and appreciationThings for. Music, cinema, cats, photography, anthropology, and green anarchy just to name a few. I love avant garde films from the 60s, 70s, & 80s. My favorite directors are Luis Bunuel & Stanley Kubrick. I love the art & photography of Man Ray, Frank Auerbach, Glenn Brown, and Rene Magritte. 4. els When I was 18 I moved toPortland, Oregon. I livedthere for 3 years. I havebeen back in Orange Countyfor a month now. My plan isto get back to Portland assoon as I can and spend therest of my life there andnever see Orange Countyagain. My favorite thingabout Portland, besides theamazing people, is thebeautiful scenery.