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1. Our frustrations with
shopping online...
2. Why does it typically take
6 pages and up to 20 clicks
to buy something??
3. Why does Amazon seem to be
the only retailer that does
express checkout well???
4. Almost all retailers require
you to register with them to buy...
5. Which means we
have tons of these...
or we use the same
one everywhere!
6. Now even our cards
need a password too...
7. We worry about typing in our
passwords and payment
details over the internet...
8. We then worry about copies
of our personal and card
details being stored all over
the internet...
9. Our order confirmations
and receipts get lost
in the melee of our InBox...
10. Online shopping shouldnt
be so slow, insecure or
this much hassle
11. Wouldnt it
be good to....
12. Have express checkout
13. Instantly register everywhere
with just 1-click....
14. Never having to give out your
personal details again....
15. Have all of your receipts
in one place....
16. The way buying online should be!
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