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Presentation by the BBC's Head of Audience Experience & Usability, Jonathan Hassell and Chris Rourke, MD of User Vision ( on the benefits of usability and accessibility research for the web, and other media platforms. Presented at Internet World, London, April 2009

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  • 1. User experience in actionJonathan HassellChris RourkeHead of Audience Experience & Usability Managing DirectorBBC Future Media & Technology User Vision Internet World29th April 2009 BBC MMIX

2. Agenda Why a good user experience is important for media broadcasters The main challenges of usability & accessibility across platforms Effective ways to understand and improve the user experience through research BBC MMIX 3. Why UX is essential forbroadcasters BBC MMIX 4. TV is simple BBC MMIX 5. The web often isnt BBC MMIX 6. Which wouldnt be a problem,except BBC MMIX 7. Web as TV extension how to be a fan BBC MMIX 8. Web as part of TV how to participate BBC MMIX 9. And even more so BBC MMIX 10. Web as TV BBC MMIX 11. Wherever & however you want to get it BBC MMIX 12. With whoever you want to watch it with BBC MMIX 13. And whoever you want to share it with BBC MMIX 14. Platform challenges BBC MMIX 15. Screen-size and your closeness to it BBC MMIX 16. How you interact with it BBC MMIX 17. What it can doCSS XHTML WAP CSSBrowseroptionsATsMHEG BBC MMIX 18. User challenges BBC MMIX 19. Not just for your obvious audience BBC MMIX 20. But for these people too BBC MMIX 21. How can we to understand and improve the userexperience throughresearch? BBC MMIX 22. Researching New Media Experiences Deep understanding of users Applying proven and innovative UCD methods Learning and applying the results Confidence & control Challenges Audience recruitment Formative tests TM 23. Persona Development TM 24. Traditional User Research TM 25. More advanced Usability Testing TM 26. Researching the experience in context TM 27. Researching the experience in context Diary Studies let users record theirexperience Can enhance other findings TM 28. Researching how things are organised +++ My Programmes +++ My Channels +++ My Messages +++ My Stuff +++ Manage My Programmes +++ Manage My Channels +++ +++ TV RadioMy Stuff/Profile +++ Films +++ [catch up TV categories ] +++ Viewed +++ Favourite Channels +++ Available +++ Categories +++ Brand New +++ Days +++ Channels +++ All +++ +++ Guide ScheduledGuide +++ [a specific user account] +++ Gmail +++ Services +++ A to Z +++ Favourite Apps +++ Featured +++ New +++ [a specific web application] +++ Web Apps +++ Manage +++ Most Popular +++ Last Chance +++ On Demand +++ BBC iPlayer +++ iTV Player +++ 4OD +++ Demand 5 +++ [catch up Radio categories] +++ Trailers +++ Saved Searches +++ [a specific recommended channel] +++ Appearance TM 29. Presenting & Discussing research resultsFacilitator: So if you did that and theRadio stopped. What would youthink? Participant: Id be annoyed andthink why has it stopped? (M) Some people will not know how many days the iPlayer covers. Despite having lots of publicity, it should not be presumed that everyone will understand that the iPlayer covers 7 days. Some of the participants did not know this and the site did not explain it. Recommendation: Tell the user clearly that the iPlayer is for the last 7 days with a clear message on the homepage or even better, in the masthead of the page.TM 30. EMP - Overview BBC wished to test their next generation, accessible media player with disabled users. 8 day diary study involving 6 blind, visually impaired users 2 physically disabled users Users used a range of screen reader and switch technology. Post test debrief of all participants.TM 31. EMP - Positive feedbackBeing blind, I cant read newspapers or TV Finding programmes using theguides in the traditional sense, I often onlycategory system is very easy. Irealise programmes have been on a fewchose FACTUAL then HISTORY. Easy.days after they have been broadcast,Being able to go back and watch again isof tremendous benefit to me.iPlayer has the opportunity tobecome the main way blind peoplecan easily access TV content. iPlayerI discovered that if switch users want toallows you to navigate televisionpause the clip, all they have to do is scanprogrammes using a screen reader.once which gets them on to the Play/PauseThats a big benefit.button to pause the video, and then scanand select again to resume. Easy.Very good. It was easy to use, onthe whole, and very user-friendly. Signposting was logical and clearthroughout.TM 32. EMP Negative Feedback Can we have some consistency please?Lacks sufficient tab focus highlighting for For most programmes you use a Flash Switch Users. It is unclear. based player but to listen live to Radio Scotland I need to download and install RealPlayer which I have had numerous accessibility issues with in the past.I found the IPlayer Flash controls to be quite inaccessible. I was never able to access controls during playback. it took a while for me to find radio programmes on History. I eventually did a search within the Radio Link, where I input history programmes. This brought up various documentaries on History. Therefore, Switch Users would find it tiresome without a Skip Navigation to jump to the main content.TM 33. Why doing testing with yourusers is so important BBC MMIX 34. Accessibility => usability => user experience whether all your users can get the right value out of what you create because this is supposed to be entertaining, right? BBC MMIX 35. The benefits of knowing how people will actually use it for example: if you were designing a way of navigating through a 30min - 4hour programme, just using two buttons, how would you do it? is there a best way? for everyone? for the programmes that they want to watch? BBC MMIX 36. Goal: a great user experience for all BBC MMIX 37. Thank youFurther questions? Come see User Vision at Stand E7075 Try out eye tracking Recession proof usability guide BBC MMIX