Transform Desktop Delivery – 'Your Desktop.' Secure on Any Device. Anywhere. Anytime

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Increasing security and enhancing the end-user experience are now frequently front of mind issues for public and private sector organisations exploring virtualised desktop solutions.Join this session as we share how joint solutions from HP & Citrix combined Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 are fuelling growth to the Next Generation Desktop.Learn key lessons about Windows 7 migrations, potential pitfalls to avoid including implications of application compatibility, how to remediate & mitigate compatibility issues. Set in place new strategies for your organisation to implement a Next Generation Desktop solution. Available anywhere. Anytime.

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  • 1. NEXT GENERATIONDESKTOPNathan StrongConsulting Sales ExecutiveSenior Technologist

2. INTRODUCING THE HP NEX T GENER ATION DESK TOPHP TECHNOLOGY@WORK 2011THE INSTANT-ON ENTERPRISE IS HERE LETS DO AMAZING 3. HPs NGD solution is the best example I haveseen for articulating the power and potential ofdesktop virtualisation technologies in delivering atruly user centric, secure, device and locationindependent solution that provides access todesktop and applications where ever the userneeds them. Ozman MohiuddinDirector of WW Desktop Virtualization, Microsoft Enterprise and Partner Group February 1, 2011 4. WHAT DEFINES NEXT GENERATION DESKTOP? An user-centric access based architecture that provides: Security Portability Simplicity Efficiency Flexibility Power to the user 5. WHAT ARE THE COMPONENTS?ACCESS CONTROLData and Systems MANAGEMENTEndpointMulti-Level Security Data CentreAUTHENTICATION Token PRESENTATION WebSmartCard Cloud WindowsVirtual Desktop InfrastructureNETWORKLoad BalancingServer Based ComputingAccelleration VPN GatewayPLATFORMSDesktopServer Hypervisor 6. HP CAN TIE IT ALL TOGETHER ARCHITECTURESSERVICESTechnical Consulting Secure Access ArchitectureConsulting Secure Printing ArchitectureConsulting 7. HP KNOWS HOW IT WORKSDefining an Access Platform Provides a purpose built environment Printer Networkfor users and devices to establishconnectivity to disparate systems Future Environment / Fundamentally generates newEnvironmentEnvironmentCloud /A Bpossibilities for connectivity ManagedService Unleashes potential frommultiple technologiesGateway GatewayGateway Also provide a common set of sharedprinters across all networks Access Network 8. LETS SEE IT INACTIONHP TECHNOLOGY@WORK 2011THE INSTANT-ON ENTERPRISE IS HERE LETS DO AMAZING 9. WHAT YOU JUST SAWPresentationXenApp XenDesktopApp-VAuthentication Access Control TechnicalActiveSecureSolutionConsulting DirectorysSecure Access ArchitecturesArchitecture ServicesConsulting Management Secure PrintingSSL VPNArchitecture NetScalerSystem CenterConsultingOperating SystemsWindowsHyper-V Windows 7 Server Server 10. User is presented with a secure desktop or applicationServer 2008 R2XenAppSSLWindows 7Access NetScaler NetScalerHyper-V R2 SP1XenDesktop 11. UTILISING MICROSOFTUsing Microsoft Windows means:Windows 7 Embedded Providing a well-known interface Simplifying patch managementWindows 7 Comfort of local supportServer 2008 R2 Retraining is minimisedHyper-V R2 System works with more devices natively 12. LEVERAGING CITRIXUsing Citrix means: Industry leading server based desktopsCitrix Access Gateway Industry leading virtual desktop infrastructureCitrix NetScaler Industry leading remote access solutions Citrix XenApp Well known administrative interfaceCitrix XenDesktop Hypervisor agnostic Scalable SSL and load balancing networkCitrix XenClientinfrastructure 13. KEY FEATURESAvoids Rip and Replace Optimises Citrix and Microsoft Utilise existing infrastructure Integrated seamlessly with Citrix and Progressive move Microsoft solutions end-to-end Desktop Reuse Centralises Your Desktop ComputingThe Sum of COTS Products Save physical space at the desk Combines best of breed technologies Significant reduction in carbon footprintfrom HP, Citrix and Microsoft More control of your assets Improved security, flexibility & extensibilityHighly Flexible Architecture Componentised infrastructure Highly Compatiblemeans maximum flexibility IE6, VB6, 16-bit, Terminal Emulators through a consistent access interfaceDelivers Multi-Level Security Access multiple domains from asingle desktop Multi-factor authentication 14. MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITYIntegration With Microsoft OCS / Lync Rapid Migration to Windows 7 Allows Voice and Video Conferencing Migrate people to the new platform quicklyacross the SSL tunnel Mitigate migration risks by running legacyapplications in their native environment whileSecure Follow-Me Printing required. Secure Pooled Printers from any attached network Save space, consumables and power Lower Risk Developer Environments Securely connect to isolated developmentDrive to Virtualise environments without fear of contamination of the Uses virtualisation wherever possible production system Limits virtualisation vendor lock-inEasy Cloud IntegrationRapid integration with your partners Connect securely with Public or Private Cloud Instantly capable of connecting to Citrix remote solutions in servicesPartner Agencies at their desired security level meeting Useful for online training, staff on-boarding andindividual requirements managed environment services Smartcard or token integration 15. SCENARIOSOutsourcing Cloud ServicesSecure Remote Access Multiple Classifications Shared ServicesAgile Deployment 16. NEXT STEPS Next Generation Desktop Assessment Service User Profiling Service Windows 7 Compatibility and ApplicationDeployment Service Next Generation Desktop Pilot 17. STRATEGIC ROLE OF CIO CHANGINGCIO becomes the builder and broker of servicesTRANSFORM legacy infrastructureMANAGE AND SECUREand applications and processes across legacy applications and cloud assetsBUILD on-premisesCONSUME off-premisescloud services services securely 18. QUESTIONS?HP TECHNOLOGY@WORK 2011THE INSTANT-ON ENTERPRISE IS HERE 19. HP TECHNOLOGY@WORK 2011THE INSTANT-ON ENTERPRISE IS HERE