Themes in learning with mobile devices

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Intro to Learning With Mobile Devices Course at the U of Manitoba Fall 2012


<ul><li>1.Teaching andLearning WithMobile DevicesU of ManitobaFaculty of EducationDr. R. Redekopp</li></ul> <p>2. Its not about YOU, its aboutthem They are different from you They need to learn differentthings, differently 3. More connected, moreisolated people, surroundings, reality, environment, charity, issue responses 4. The medium is the message What does a TV say to us? What effect does a Smartboard have on a classroom? 5. Technology bias At least for us? Can other culturesinterpret it differently? Male, white, western, Values Speed, efficiency, objectivity, lack ofemotion 6. Limited perspective Wesee what the producer wants us tosee. TV, YouTube, Skype, images, Google / Bing / Yahoo (we get differentresults)? 7. How is an essay different from a video, podcast, mash-up, image work of art music composition? 8. Socialization Is the internet colour and culture blind? 9. From Facts to Thinking toWisdom Factsare easy Is inquiry the only way? For all students All the time </p>