The Top 10 Most Popular Courses of 2015

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Sexual Harassment Awareness

Top 10 Most Popular Courses of 2015


Top 10 Most Popular Courses of 2015

Child Abuse: Mandated Reporter TrainingSexual Harassment AwarenessBloodborne Pathogens SafetyFirst Responder Operations Level Refresher (MOD#1)HIPAA AwarenessBack Injury PreventionHearing ConservationWorkplace DiversityInfectious Disease ControlAirway Management Basic

Child Abuse: Mandated Reporter TrainingThis training course demonstrates what to do if you suspect a child is being abused. It covers laws related to abuse, provides the steps that must be taken to report child abuse, and presents an overview of what must be done to protect children.


Sexual Harassment AwarenessSexual harassment is a serious problem in the workplace that impacts both the victim and the organization. This course equips employers and employees with the best strategies to deal with and prevent sexual harassment to ensure a safe and productive work environment.


Bloodborne Pathogens SafetyThis course provides practical information on various diseases and protection strategies associated with bloodborne pathogens. It also includes an explanation on requirements for complying with the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act.


First Responder Operations Level Refresher (Modules 1-4)The First Responder Operations Level Refresher courses are intended for personnel who respond to a hazardous materials release. Covered in this course are types of waste that may be encountered, initial response steps, and common containers in which hazardous materials are stored.



HIPAA Awareness

This module reviews the federal HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations and discusses the duties and responsibilities that are required of EMS personnel and agencies. It details the patient rights provided by the HIPAA and the required safeguards when dealing with patient health information.


Back Injury PreventionThis course highlights techniques for protecting your organization from crippling injuries, and exercises for strengthening the back. Coursework also covers safe methods for lifting and moving patients in emergency and non-emergency situations.


Hearing ConservationThis course outlines requirements for the implementation of a hearing conservation program within an organization. Coursework will cover topics on the anatomy, function, and sensitivity of the ear, as well as how to prevent damage and permanent loss of hearing.


Workplace DiversityCultural diversity can strengthen an organizations own values and enhance community awareness. This course promotes awareness and encourages tolerance, describes strategies to create a positive and accepting work environment, and highlights the steps to take should discrimination occur.


Infectious Disease Control

Contaminated needles and sharps can transmit bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. This course covers the steps and protective strategies necessary for EMS providers to minimize their exposure as outlined by the US Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA).


Airway Management Basic

When a patients airway is obstructed, its up to the EMT to clear it as quickly as possible. This lesson covers the methods and techniques of clearing a patients airway or, in certain exceptions while working in the field, when not to.


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