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  • 1. If talking about the future, predicting claimed of some specialities is impossible quite, because such people dont even exist now. Inventors are required the whole world, but it is not a profession, although people with non-standard thoughts advance science and life quicker. Speaking about the choice of speciality, it is desirable to add it is better to choose not only with the strict calculation of claimed but also by the soul. In fact unloved work will not make you happy.

2. On publicity business all depends on the personal flair, grip and interest to own business. For this reason competent people get enormous in understanding of inhabitant earnings now. To the word, they make money exactly from air: they earn money on their own creative ideas. 3. Commodities which before were in demand now lose the buyers because of that producers-competitors offer an analogical commodity with more advantageous correlation price-quality. Exactly marketing specialist exist to produce monitoring of market of commodities and services and forecast, what commodity will be claimed through the certain amount of time. There are little competent specialists in this area, and they are in a large price. 4. Competent psychologists are needed not only in education and medicine. Every considers sure that it is necessary to have a regular psychologist, all more citizens applies for private consultation. As for the personal consultants, it is the special direction in general: in the future a man will get individual consultations on all questions: beginning from diets and concluding the choice of new clothes. 5. The most important problem in the 21 century is energetics. Supplies of oil and gas are inexorably exhausted, and there is nothing on replacement of it. Thats why scientifics are searching for new energy sources. But presently serious alternative is not found. 6. Lately specialists-environmentalists become more claimed because of ecological situation becomes worse in the whole world. But quality of everybodys life and health depends on ecology! 7. The profession of medicine did not have special popularity among university entrants some time. Only lately, number of actings on this speciality began to be considerably increased, because of the increase of ettlings medical workers. More than all there is a shortage of specialists such as ophthalmologists, speech therapists and defektologists, endocrinologists, dietitians, allergists, and also good surgeons of different directions. 8. 21 century is the century of new technologies. Organizations need competent system administrators, But, unfortunately, in universities it is practically impossible to get deserving knowledge because the market of IT-technologies are developing, literally, very quick. 9. In our country service develops very actively: night salons of beauty, round-the-clock home delivery of products, reserving of hotels numbers all time and in every end of the earth... We all have more queries, and a primary objective of workers of tourist business, beauty-industry and other services is to satisfy them. 10. Big shortage of specialists in this direction is already observed now. The country needs competent engineers of a build spectrum, engineers-technologists, engineers-electricians, but university entrants choose other specialities. By predictions of statistical researches, in 5 years 68% professionals-engineers, which work now, will go out on a pension, and replacement for people is not ready. It will come only in size of 3,7% from the required number of workers.