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Cisco Digital Network Architecture Presentation

Cisco APIC-EM Automation PlatformRonnie Ray

April 20, 2016

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Ronnie RaySr. Director, Product [email protected] APIC-EM Automation PlatformDriving IT Speed and Simplicity Through DNA Automation

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Network Requirements for the Digital OrganizationInsights andExperiencesDrive Business Innovations

Security and ComplianceReal-time and Dynamic Threat Defense

Automationand AssuranceSpeed, Simplicity, and Visibility

The Network Helps Enable Digital Business

#C97-736806-00 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco ConfidentialThere are three major IT priorities for IT to lead digital transformation in their respective organizationsFaster Innovation digital demands businesses to differentiate customer experience and re-define models quickly. Yet only 30% of digital projects will succeed [Cisco study]. This is partly because IT processes are slow and costly and new technologies are being developed faster than they can be adopted.Reduce Cost and complexity over time the network has grown complex and our customers are spending 2-3 times more on OpEx than CapEx which is unsustainable in a digital world where there growing numbers of devices, apps, users, threats and static IT budgets.Lower Risk and Meet Compliance mobility and cloud by definition increase the attack surface of business, there is no perimeter and it take 80 days to detect threats and even longer to remediate while 60% of data is stolen in the first few hours. All this while strict new regulations like the European Data Protection and Affordable Care Acts are being introduced.

How does the network need to evolve to enable growing business needs?As we said before, the network connects all things digital. But lets discuss how it needs to evolve to address IT priorities for digital.The network needs to enable faster innovation by delivering Deep Insights on users behaviors, application performance, and threats, so the business can take Immediate Action to optimize factors like employee productivity, customer experience, and daily processes -- all around BUSINESS innovations and new differentiating or disrupting models. For example, in order to Personalize Experiences it needs to deliver context relevant information like what users and devices are on the network and where. And this is possible when the network has visibility and can deliver the analytics, helping businesses make better decisions faster. The network can tell a bank a VIP client has entered a store or what promotions are driving store front conversion or how well expensive real-estate is being utilized (CMX and CMX Cloud, available now). Or the network can see no users are on premises, and lower energy usage of lighting, HVAC, etc. (Digital Ceiling, available Feb 2016). As IoT solutions becoming more pervasive, well see the network share information with applications to drive decisions. Example, Schindler Elevators are running their IoT app over the network to capture analytics on service elevators so they can proactively determine when to send technicians on site. (Non-pubic use case). Today we collect data through devices using CMX, Prime, Lancope; by end of CY16, we will have a Network Data Platform based in the Cloud that will collect rich network data and provide in a structured database with open APIs that customers and partners can tap into for supporting business decisions.

To sustain the increasing devices, apps and services, while reducing cost and complexity the network needs to deliver automation and service assurance. This will allow IT to get a branch office running quickly, or roll out new services and applications faster with efficiency and optimal experience. The focus here is IT agility, providing capabilities that allow speed at the lower costs. Cisco provides deep visibility into users and applications, and with controller innovations, we are fully abstracting the network and providing simple workflows following Cisco best practices, so IT can focus on business intent, and allow the controller enforce the policies dynamically.

Security continues to be a top priority for business and IT leaders! We know 69 percent of customers are less likely to do business with a breached organization. Also, maintaining compliance is difficult to sustain and less than 1/3 of companies remain compliant more than a year [Verizon PCI Compliance; 2012], opening themselves up to fines and legal procedures. The network needs to contain risk through integrated security services that rapidly detect and mitigate threats. Here the network touching all things digital can provide Security Everywhere and Consistently Enforce Compliance so that it acts as both a sensor and enforcer all the way from the clients to the cloud.

We all can agree, all these network requirements are very critical to supporting a Digital Organizations, and are the objectives of the Digital Network Architecture, that moves the network beyond a platform of connectivity to a platform for insights, automation and security.

However, while business leaders fully acknowledge the importance of the network in enabling digital, less than 10% of enterprises implementing digital business have very clear integration between their network and digital business strategies. (Source: Gartner). Lets discuss why this is the case. (go to evolution of networking software)



Abstraction & Policy Control from Core to Edge

Open & Programmable | Standards-BasedOpen APIs | Developers Environment Cloud Service Management

Policy | OrchestrationVirtualization

Physical & Virtual Infrastructure | App Hosting


Network Data, Contextual Insights

Network-enabled ApplicationsCloud-enabled | Software-delivered

Cisco DNA Innovations

Enterprise NFVBranch Service VirtualizationControlled Availability, May 2016

Available on DNA-Ready Infrastructure through Cisco ONE SoftwareAPIC-EM Automation PlatformCompletely New PlatformAvailable NowBase Automation: Plug and Play, Path TraceAvailable Now

Policy Services: IWAN App & Easy QoSAvailable NowCMX CloudPresence Analytics and ConnectAvailable Now

#C97-736806-00 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco ConfidentialAs I said, we announced DNA last week, and apic-em is a vital proof point. Apic-em is the automation engine for enterprise networks, and check out the new applications, were innovating at a jesse owens pace here, and yes I just saw the movie an liked it, track and field is my favorite sport. Sorry I deviate - If you saw the apic-em launch in late October, you will know we announced a couple of shrink-wrapped apps with apic-em, and coinciding with DNA, we have added a few more apic-em application to the portfolio namely easy-qos as well as improvements to the iwan app and plug and play app. With DNA we have also announced the virtualization of several network functions and hence an orchestration function for those is needed, which we deliver with the new apic-em enterprise services automation app. We shall talk about all these a bit later.DNA services are delivered through Cisco ONE Software model, that is consumed in a very flexible and easy way.


Automation Drives Operational Efficiency and AgilityTime IT spends on operationsCEOs are worried about IT strategy not supporting business growth80%57%0100%



While other components of the IT infrastructure have become more programmable and allow for faster, automated provisioning, installing network circuits is still a painstakingly manual process... TechTarget/Network Evolution, April 2015

Network ExpensesDeployment Speed

#C97-736806-00 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco ConfidentialApril 2015 Vol 6/ No. 3WAN 2.0: Say goodbye to network provisioning delays

Transformative Change in How Networks are BuiltResult: DIY IT Process Automation Will Make Way for SDN Applications

DIY Assembly and IntegrationReady to go

Faster Time to Market and Lower OpEx

#C97-736806-00 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential


ApplicationsSDN Abstracts the Network for Policy Based ControlSecurityOrchestrationAutomationCollaborationSOUTHBOUND ABSTRACTION LAYER CATALYSTNEXUSASRISRWIRELESSASA


OTHERSDN Ideal: Controller as the Application PlatformSDNController as the Application Platform for Policy Automation


#C97-736806-00 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential


APIC-EMUser and things centric policy abstractionSimplification of complex network configuration with embedded Cisco best practicesSupports existing and new devicesVirtual (ISO) or appliance-based delivery

Ready-to-deploy applications: IWAN Plug and Play (PnP)Path TraceEasyQoSESA

Cisco DNA Automation Platform for WAN and Access NetworksBENEFITS:Brownfield SupportReady-to-use-ApplicationsOpen Northbound API

#C97-736806-00 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential


Network Specific Control

APIC EM Vision Res

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