Technology Tools In The Classroom: Using Computers To Engage Your Students

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Emerging technologies hold great promise for teaching and learning in the classroom, but how can teachers make sense of it all? This session will provide an overview of some of the free and available computer-based tools and services ready to be incorporated into the classroom.


  • 1.Using Computers to Engage Your Students

2. 3. photo: 4. Rather than abandoning youth to face MySpace's perceived dangers on their own, trained educators could help students use social network sites safely. - Henry Jenkins quote: photo: 5. 6. The solution to the overabundance of information is more information. - David Weinberger, Everything Is Miscellaneous:The Power of the New Digital Disorder 7. 8. Social Bookmarking in Plain Enlglish Video: 9. 10. 11. 12.

  • Great for posting triggers, articles, or assignments using text and multimedia
  • Facilitates comments and discussions around the post
  • Posts can be tagged and categorized
  • Focus is on progress and change over time
  • Perfect for collaboratively building a finished product using text and multimedia
  • Facilitates comments and discussions per page
  • Pages can be tagged and organized hierarchically (TOC)
  • Focus is on a complete collection of pages

13. 14. RSS In Plain English Video: 15.

  • Jeremy Price
  • Doctoral Student in Education, Boston College
  • [email_address]


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