[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Unraveling Drupal as a Versatile Enterprise Solution

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  • Unraveling Drupal to deliver Versatile

    Enterprise SolutionsBe in vogue use Drupal

    Mrs. Shyamala Rajaram@shyam_raj

  • Where we are today - Enterprises are ready to break long development cycles, become agile and move away from traditional methods,

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  • Enterprises Systems are no longer just transactional but need to bring in the ability to connect stakeholders, interact around each of these transactions/processes.

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  • Enterprises Systems need to align with the key mantras - SOCIAL, MOBILE and CLOUD.

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  • Drupal for the Enterprise - Benefits


    Agile Development

    Standards Compliance

    Performance & Scalability


    Security considerations

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  • Enterprise use casesCommunities to bring together different

    stakeholders Brand/Customer communitiesPartner/Channel/Vendor communitiesEmployee communities

    Core Business Processes solutions Marketing PortalsEcommerce PortalsPublishing Workflows and enable e-publishing for Media industries

    Education portals - intranet learning portals or public learning portals

    Act as a Dashboard in the plug and play/multi vendor Enterprise Landscape

    @srijan #SrijanWW

  • Drupal in Enterprise Landscape

  • Summarizing Drupal Features to Leverage

    Content Management

    Community Building

    Easy Integrations/ Extendable

    Contemporary Design/Responsive

    Framework capabilities

    CRM Capabilities

    Cloud hosting

    Multilingual and Multi Domain support

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  • Enterprises looking to innovate their digital strategy to deliver Versatile solutions - be in Vogue & use Drupal!

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  • Mr. Shyamala Rajaram@shyam_raj

    Thank You!

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