Spiceworks Online Courses!

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Register for a class today! http://spice.ly/SpicyTraining

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  • 1. www.spiceworksuniversity.com
  • 2. SpiceworksOnline CoursesTheyre here o yeah!
  • 3. Were simplifying IT so why not training?!See whats inside
  • 4. Our virtual classrooms keepit spicy with engaging lessons!
  • 5. Youll get deep-dive trainingright at your desk.
  • 6. Boring text is at a minimum.Pictures and engaging content is at a MAXIMUM
  • 7. Hands on exercises for practice and
  • 8. quizzes to test your spiciness!
  • 9. Plus, live demos with these guys our SpiceTrainers
  • 10. Best part courses start at $99Yes!Low-cost classesmeans mo moneyfor bacon.
  • 11. www.spiceworksuniversity.com