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Online Courses. Nova Scotia Virtual School. What is Online Learning?. A learning experience or environment that relies upon the Internet or the world wide web as the primary delivery mode of communication and presentation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Online CoursesNova Scotia Virtual School

  • What is Online Learning?A learning experience or environment that relies upon the Internet or the world wide web as the primary delivery mode of communication and presentation.HRSB is committed to providing interactive, media-rich educational opportunities in a flexible, student-centered learning environment to a diverse population of learners.

  • The Benefits of Online LearningOnline Course Delivery provides an innovative opportunity for students to attain a rigorous high school education over the Internet. The Online Learning Platform enhances student learning through the use of multi-media to augment student learning. Course content and resources allow students to access learning opportunities related to topical areas through the Internet to enhance 21st century learning skills.

  • Why Online?Student Benefits:Develop 21st Century Skills Increased FlexibilitySelf-Directed LearningAcquire independent learning skills in preparation for post-secondary education and beyond Collaborative CommunityContribute to an innovative learning community Tech SavvyGain valuable skills and confidence for accessing the latest technology

  • 21st Century SkillsIn an increasingly competitive global economy, it is not enough for students to acquire subject-level mastery alone. Skills like creativity, problem-solving, communication and analytical thinking are necessary for all levels of success, from entry-level jobs to engineering and technical fields.

  • Nova Scotia Virtual School - NSVSNSVS is a joint project of school boards and the Department of Education. NSVS is a common provincial online learning platform (MOODLE) for use in formal high school online courses, online extensions of school-based classes, and support of professional development and online meetings for teachers and other staff of school boards and the DOE.

  • Online Course StructureIntroduction /overview of courseOnline Orientation for studentsDeveloped by days of contentEach day contains different media, text, on computer & off computer activities E-chats, multimedia clips and resources, interactive content, links to web resources Assessments (Online and offline)

  • Are You an Online Learner?Independent learners who are organizedManage time well and motivatedDisciplined and ask for help when needed Comfortable with technology or open to learning about the technology required

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