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  • 1. SOCIALTV T VT VTVTV TV TV TVPresentationMaria- Candia Chardalia

2. From the very beginning.TV was a social tool A REASON FORNext-day conversation theme Society awareness Family gatherings 3. Defining the term SOCIAL TVIS a system of integrated communication and social interaction relating toTV content.INCLUDES a second screen (usually a mobile or tablet) that enables real-time interaction: voice communication, text chat, video-conference, recommendations, ratings.RESULT: audience generates content and data.IS in the top 10 of the most emerging technologies (according to MITTechnologys Review-2011)UPDATED NEWS. Launching Nielsen Twitter TV rating (A syndicated-standard metric around the reach of the TV conversation on Twitter, slatedfor commercial availability at the start of the fall 2013 TV season)FUTURE. According to the report of research firm MarketsandMarkets, themarket of STV is being expected to grow from $151.14 billion this year, to$256.44 billion by 2017. 4. Breaking downSocial TVto itscore elements Visibly Engaged Audiencegathering around TV content 5. That is why smartphone owners lead the wayinconnected viewing experience 6. Surveys predict that 7. How Social TV is translated for the MARKET 8. The Benefits of SOCIAL TVTV has stopped treating its consumers as viewers and has started treating them as witnesses For single user, it can Show TV channel List and list TV programs, providing program details, marks, prevue and so on. Personal favor setting, such as channel, program, program type and so on. Notification setting for a program and favors. Provides a sense of community and instantaneous debate For social purpose, it can help users to Mark a TV program Add comments to a TV program and list others comments Take Like / Unlike action to a comments List what people around you are watching and saying Make friends with others List which channel a friends is watching Recommend TV programs to friends List friends recommendation List TV programs that your friends often watch Send messages to friends 9. The Cons of SOCIAL TV- Difficult for TV producers to select the besttweets in a fast, live television show. hereforequality is sometimes compromised.- Can be distracting from what is actually goingon in the TV show- Can be annoying 10. your NEXTSOCIAL TV DECK 11. INFLUENCESOF SOCIAL TV 12. SOCIAL TVExperience in stages 13. SOCIAL TV Post- itAccording to Nielsens Q1 2012 report almost 90% of Smartphone andTablet owners use their devices while watching TV; about 40% do so dailyand over 60% do so several times a week. Conclusion: you cant talk aboutSocialTV without the context of mobile which is where the greatestinnovation will happen outside of the box. SocialTV is currently comprised of content discovery and companion appsthink a better remote control or check-in and chatteras well as analyticsapplied around TV content There are hundreds of companies chipping away at pieces of this space butonly a few are top-of-mind brandsMiso, GetGlue, IntoNow, Viggle, TrendRR, Bluefin and a few network offeringswere like USA Chatter and HBOGomentioned at the conference ofHollywood insiders and Execs For consumers, the opportunity to engage with families, friends andnetworks may unlock the social aspects of SocialTV and usher in the returnfrom our Entertainment or TV room to the Family Room 14. The General Context a.k.a. The Bigger PictureSystems Evolution processingFROM:THISCURRENTSTATUS 15. TO:the Near Future of THIS 16. Whats next? 17. Setting an exampleDEGRASSI (TV SERIES)(a canadian show about six young performersstriving for stardom in Hollywood) has done what most teenshows cant do. Dawsons Creek made it six seasons.OC -five and a halfGossip Girl is coming to an end this year.On the other hand, Degrassi in 2013, will air its 12th season.NOTE: The canadian teen drama show began broadcasting 1979. 18. How an old show learned new tricksSocial TV has been a part of the shows mix since 2000 Following strategy, is an interactive webcommunity where fans could interact with characters,have their own virtual locker and chat on forums abouttopic issues that they were face They invested in creating official character social accounts(not just show accounts) and then finding ways to integratethem into story lines. Devotion to one-on-one communications with fans bothonline and offline. 19. The Degrassi AppAvailable on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, this relationship-focused game lets usersexperience living the life of a Degrassi Community School student on their smartphonescreen. Players create custom avatars and navigate the treacherous waters of being ateenager in this Choose Your Own Adventure game, interacting with characters and makingchoices that can make or break their popularity. As they work their way through each of thesix episodes, players earn points that they can spend in the Degrassi store and unlock bonuscontent like mini games, blooper videos and cast photos.Twitterfor insider details on all things Degrassi:@Degrassi the official MuchMusic account (32,000 followers)@stephenstohn Degrassis Executive Producer (21,000 followers)@anniejclark Degrassi actress (67,000 followers)@lukebilyk1 Degrassi actor (117,000 followers)@drake former Degrassi actor (9,425,000 followers Fans can also easily follow current Degrassi characters (and the actors that play them)directly from the shows official MuchMusic page and share their favorite moment with thespecial hashtag #DegrassiMoment.TumblrShares animated gifs of onscreen drama (with character quotes, of course!), behind thescenes cast photos and answers to fan questions. 20. Also, throughengagement withDegrassiDashboard,where they haveaccess to thenumber of peoplesuccessfullycompletingmissions,triggering badges,rewards, and timespent on thecontent withinDegrassi pages. 21. The connectivity between all the digital offerings will enhancethe value of fan engagement and the brand.The dashboard will track points gained through engaging withthe broadcast (i.e. live tweeting the show), and onlineproperties (i.e. reblogging photos from theofficial account, sharing Degrassi blogsfrom The Degrassi dashboard will be hostedon the Degrassi Chat App. Thedashboard will act as a hub to connect all existing Degrassiproperties, while providing rewards and points for engagement. 22. TV eraThe end of the beginning or the beginning of an end ?