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  • 1. November,1992

2. Investmentdone in thepast will serveas a benefit inthe near future.. 3. ACADEMIC RECORDgraduationgrade 10+2percentagegrade 10th percentag egraduation 63%grade 10+2 84%grade 10th 86% 4. IBS Pune, established in 1995.Ranked A8 by BusinessStandard.Institutional AppreciationAward by AIMS, International. 5. I wish to safeguard my career in finance stream 6. I can speak in (mother tongue)And 7. My Interests: 8. DANCING 9. MY FAVORIYE INDOOR GAME IS CHESS. 10. ARTISTIC AND A CREATIVE PERSON 11. I AM AN OUTGOING 12. I AM AN OUTGOINGA SOCIABLE 13. I AM AN OUTGOING A SOCIABLE OPTIMISTIC PERSON 14. You can reach me here:Gmail: shriya.sahu1@gmail.comFacebook: 15. 16. Thankyou!!!