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Text of SEB Process Chris Whyte NASA GSFC SEB Manager

  • 1. SEB Process Chris Whyte NASA GSFC SEB Manager Feb 22, 2010
  • 2. Getting Started
    • SEB Appointment Memo and OGE 450s should be complete. Inform legal of changes between anticipated offerors and actual offerors after proposal receipt, including significant subcontractors.
    • See William Brown (SEB IT Support) for demonstration of AES software evaluation tool, if needed. If not using AES, develop your own evaluation form/tool.
    • Coordinate Keys/Keycards with Candace Carlsen (SEB Assistant)
    • All SEB members should review the RFP Instructions and Evaluation Criteria (RFP Sections L&M).
    • CO should coordinate proposal receipt with shipping/receiving. If possible, CO or designated team member should be at shipping receiving approximately 15 minutes before/after due date/time.
    • Designate initial proposal compliance review team to review the following:
      • Compliance with page limits
      • Offeror signature on proposal cover form and acknowledgement of amendments
      • Completion of offeror fill-ins, section K, etc
      • Receipt of all required proposal volumes and attachments
      • Business size status, if applicable
      • Any prime or subcontractor deviations/exceptions to RFP terms and conditions contact SEB Mgr and Legal
      • Request or follow-up on DCAA Audit ASAP
  • 3. Key Roles & Responsibilities
    • Source Selection Authority (SSA)
      • Appoints SEB Members, as soon as possible in the acquisition
      • Makes selection at completion of evaluation phase
      • Should not receive communication during evaluations, except for schedule delays or significant issues that may require amendment or competitive range
    • SEB Chairperson
      • Principal Operating Executive of the SEB
      • Ensures proposals are evaluated fairly
      • Manages team efficiently
      • Ensures schedules are met
      • Resolve s procedural matters
      • Ensures proposals and SEB Information are safeguarded
    • Consultants
      • Individual s ha ve specialized knowledge or experience, provide findings to SEB, do not attend SEB deliberations
    • Cost Team
      • Individuals have specialized resources experience to verify/validate realism of cost proposal and consistency with technical proposal
    • Ex-Officios
      • Center Management Officials, advisory role, not part of rating process, generally only involved to support resolution of unanticipated problems/issues
    • SEB Recorder
      • Administrative Assistant to SEB
  • 4. Key Roles & Responsibilities
    • Voting Members
      • Include SEB Chairperson, Senior Key Technical Representative, Experienced Procurement Representative, Senior Safety and Mission Assurance Representative (as appropriate)
      • Limited to a maximum of seven
      • Should be assigned on a full-time basis
      • Assist Source Selection Authority (SSA)
      • Provide expert analysis of proposals
      • Prepare and present findings
      • Avoid trade-off judgments among offerors or evaluation factors
      • Work closely with Cost Team members to ensure consistency between the technical proposal and cost proposal
      • Do not make recommendation for selection
  • 5. Solicitation Phase
    • Approved SEB Board Members
      • Financial Disclosure Statement per SEB
      • Documentation, Evaluation Tree, and Training for AES NLT 2 weeks before proposal receipt
        • 2 methods for using AES (1 recorder versus individual evaluators input data)
      • Legal, Security, SEB Briefings required
      • SEB Access
        • Keys, Keycards, Badges
    • Proposal must be received in Building 16W and coordinated with the logistics services contractor personnel
      • E nsures timely/untimely receipt of proposals is documented
      • E nsures logging of proposal volumes actually received
      • Ensures secure control of volumes until secure transport to evaluation site(s) is coordinated
      • (Remember to inform Shipping and Receiving and SEB facility personnel of your proposal due date (and extensions) and date/time of transport from Bldg. 16W to Bldg. 25)
  • 6. Solicitation Phase
    • Inform Legal Counsel of offerors received
      • Legal Counsel will notify CO whether any conflict of interest is present based upon review of SEB members financial disclosure statements
      • If no conflict of interest is evident, SEB may proceed with evaluation
    • Document Control
      • Establish log to track all proposal volumes
        • Must insure all are accounted for when evaluation phase is completed
      • Distribute only to authorized team members
      • Proposals must be marked Contractor Bid or Proposal Information See FAR 3.104
  • 7. Evaluation Phase
    • Proposals must be protected at ALL times
      • Locked up whenever NOT under direct, personal control of evaluator
      • No discussions outside of controlled areas
      • No information shared with non-team personnel
      • No writing on the proposals
      • Telephone communications should be on the secure phone system (STU-III)(see SEB Manager for exceptions)
    • Proposals should be evaluated serially
      • Read proposal by proposal
      • After each proposal evaluated in series, then horizontal and vertical consistency check
    • Proposals are compared to RFP evaluation factors and subfactorsNOT compared against each other
  • 8. Evaluation Phase
    • Preliminary Evaluation
      • Identification of unacceptable proposals
        • It does not represent a reasonable initial effort to address the essential requirements of the RFP or clearly demonstrates that the offeror does not understand the requirements
        • In R&D acquisitions, a substantial design drawback is evident in the proposal, and sufficient correction or improvement to consider the proposal acceptable would require virtually an entire new technical proposal
        • It contains major deficiencies or omissions or out-of-line costs which discussions with offeror could not reasonably be expected to cure
        • CO/Chair shall consult with SEB Manager and Legal Counsel before proceeding
        • CO shall document the rationale for discontinuance of initial evaluation
  • 9. Evaluation Phase
    • Exchanges with Offerors after receipt of proposals
      • Clarifications Limited Exchanges (relevance of past performance, adverse past performance, resolve minor or clerical errors). Award without discussions is contemplated as cited in RFP
      • Communications (before establishment of CR) Exchanges leading to establishment of competitive range. Held only with (1) offerors whose past performance is the determining factor preventing them from being placed in CR and (2) offerors whose exclusion from, or inclusion in , the CR is uncertain
        • Enhance understanding, allow reasonable interpretation, facilitate evaluation process
        • Not used to cure proposal deficiencies or material omissions, alter technical or cost elements, revise proposal
        • Used for the purpose of addressing issues tha