Scvo digital participation libraries march 2014

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<ul><li> 1. Sally Dyson Digital participation digital participation team, SCVO March 17th 2014 Glasgow </li></ul> <p> 2. Digital Scotland Connectivity Digital participation Digital economy Digital public services Scottish Government 3. To be a world class digital nation demands that we achieve world class levels of digital participation Digital Scotland Ambition Scottish Government 4. Increase digital participation throughout Scotland Build digital capability in the third sector SCVO Digital Participation team 5. 30%Lack basic online skills UK = 21% BBC Media Literacy, Ipsos 6. UK / Oxford Internet Institute No qualifications 60% Disabled 50% Retired 55% 7. 82% Not interested 5% Too expensive 3% No computer 7% Too difficult UK / Oxford Internet Institute 8. 1 in 5charities have little or no web presence 50%need help with web design and social media UK / Go ON UK 9. Public sector Private sector Third sector 10. Influencing Policy Agenda Facilitating &amp; sharing best practice Baseline and measuring impact Increasing Resources Where we go next 11. Increasing the depth and breadth of our understanding Developing a coherent evaluation framework Baseline and Measuring Impact 12. Our ethos: Work with people where they are at Use know hooks Work through trusted individuals Digital by Default or Desire Member of the RSE Inquiry into Digital Participation Government Digital Service and Digital Assist Influencing Policy Agenda 13. The Gathering Digital by default or desire Things all charities should know about the internet E:bulletin Web Pages @ SCVO Blogs Attending events Gossiping Facilitating and Sharing Best Practice 14. Direct Funding Bids Big Lottery Basic Online Skills ERDF European Structural Funds Maximising Current Capacity Digital Participation Charter Commonwealth Games Legacy Increasing Resources 15. @scvotweet @sallyld </p>


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