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RSCIT Flyer 2012 Design

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Text of RSCIT Flyer 2012 Design

  • _Zo {~Obr Ho$ {~b H$m AmZbmBZ no_|Q {H$`m Ama _m H$m Q>oeZ Xya hwAm!! A~

    CgH$s gho{b`m _wPo {S{OQ>b {g{QOZ ~wbmVr h! W`y RS-CIT


    _Zo XmXmOr H$m B-[aOd}eZ {H$`m! EH$ {_ZQ> _| {Q>H$Q> hmW _| Am`m, Ama em~mer

    _oar nrR> na! W`y RS-CIT

    RS-CIT H `mZr H `wQ a, Mb| AmYw{ZH {ejm H s amh na

    Zeo _o grI| BQ>aZoQ>Ho$ 150 AZmoIo BVo_mbRS-CIT

    ZOXrH$r A{YH$V H|$ _| ^oQ> {X{OE&RS-CIT

    Master 150 Applications of Internet and become a Digital Citizen

    B-_ob AH$mCQ> Imob|

    XmoVmo| Ho$ gmW M{>Q>J H$a|

    ngXrXm {H$Vm~, B-nona AmZbmBZ nT>|

    do~gmBQ> go _wV ^oOo

    bmJ V`ma H$a|

    BQ>aZoQ>na ngXrXm ao{gnr ImoOo


    ngXrXm {\$_|, JmZo, gr{a`g, ZmQ>H$ AmXr

    H$^r ^r, H$ht ^r {g\$ BQ>aZoQ> na (`y-Qy~) gM H$ao

    EgQ>r, aob, hdmB OhmO Ho$ {Q>H$Q>m| H$m AmZbmBZ ~w{H J$H$ao

    bmBQ>, \$moZ {~b no_oQ> H$ao

    \$moQ>mo A~_ AmZbmBZ eoAqaJ H$ao

    Zeogo Wb Ama _mJ ImoOo

    I canProduceSUPW

    I canProduceSUPW


    A~ {S{ OQ b {g{Q OZ g{Q{\ H Q Ho gmW bmImo {dmWuAmoZo AnZm`m hwAm EH$ n{anyU H$`yQ>a H$mog A~ Windows 7 MS-Office 2010Ama H$o gmW

    W`y RS-CITRS-CITZEo H$s dOhgo

    H$`yQ>aH$m nyam

    BVo_mb grI {b`m

    Ama dmH$B H$m_ ^r

    H$aZo bJm h!

    RS-CIT RS-CITRS-CITAuthorised Learning Center

    N mmo H o {bE OmZH mar -

    AmO H m {Q H b g -

    132 KQ o {ejU

    2 `m 3 _{hZmo H o ~M {dH n


    g{Q { \ H oQH o gmW

    Digital Citizen

    Office Expert

    BQ aZoQ H r mW{_H OmZH mar

    H `wQ a H m hmoJm gnyU kmZ,Vmo Xw{Z`m_o {Z_mU hmoJm Vwhmam WmZ!

    A~ Am{\ g EnQg{Q{ \ H Q Ho gmW


    RS-CITZE `wJ _| ~T Zo H m Am_{ddmg


    W`y RS-CIT

    _Z| ehm AH$b H$s XwH mZ H$s nmoQg {S>OmBZ H$s! CZH$s {~H$s Ama _oar {S>_mS>

    EH$ gmW ~T>r!

    RS-CITH `wQ a no {OZH s H _mS , Ch| X{Z`m^a _| {S _mS

    _Z| OrOy H$m {~OZog H$mS> Ama boQ>ahoS> {SOmBZ {H$`m! _oar XrXr H$s H$mba Q>mBQ>

    Ama nmHo$Q>_Zr _oao hmW! W`y RS-CIT

    MS-Office H$m `moJ {H {OE Ama ~ZmBE gH$S>mo mo\$oeZb AmD$Q>nwQg


    ZOXrH$r A{YH$V H|$ _| ^oQ> {X{OE&RS-CIT

    {J{Q >O H$mS>

    grS>r H$og

    ~wH$ H$da

    boQ>ahoS> - Edbn


    AmB H$mS>

    moOoQ> {anmoQ>

    {Z_U n



    {JQ> bo~b

    AdmS> g{Q{>\$H Q>

    {d{O{Q>>J> H$mS


    A~ Am{\ g EnQg{Q{ \ H Q Ho gmW


    RS-CIT_mCg {OZH o hmW, X{Z`m CZHo gmW


    _Zy H$s gmb{Jah H$m \$moQ>mo A~_ _Z| ~Zm`m! MmMy _oao H$m_ no Iwe hE, Cnago

    Vmoh\$m ^r {X`m! W`y RS-CIT

    RS-CITH `wQ a grI|Jo, bmo~b ~Z|Jo

    MmMm Ho$ {bE ~Zm`m H$nZr oO|Q>oeZ XoI MmMm Iwe hE Ama CZHo$ XmoVm|Ho$

    H$m_ ^r {_bZo bJo! W`y RS-CIT

    RS-CITAmYw{ZH {ejm H s ZB Wr_H s-~moS , _mCg, H `wQ a pH Z

    RS-CITZ`m gmja, H `wQ a gmja

    M{Q J, g{\$J, Jo{_J go na| H$`wQ>a BVo_mb H$aZm grI| ZEo _|oRS-CIT


    ZOXrH$s A{YH$V H|$ _| ^oQ> {X{OE&RS-CIT

    BhoQ> IM

    H$m_m| H$s {bQ>

    bmoZ Vmd

    {~O>Zog bZ

    Q>g H$`wboQ>a>

    B.E_.Am`. H$`wboQ>a

    ha _mh H$m ~OQ> Ama

    \$m`Zmg `moOZm

    BdoQ>r / S>oQ>m~og

    Qhb `moOZm

    narjm aoH$mS>g

    Cn{WVr ~YZ

    {Zdoe ~YZ

    `{VJV H$boS>a

    S>e ~moS> Jm\$

    A~ Am{\ g EnQg{Q{\ H Q Ho gmW(MS-Excel)

    W`y RS-CIT

    _Zo AH$b H$o b~ H$m ~OQ> ~Zm`m, Cg dOh go AH$b Iwe hwE Ama ChmoZo _wPo

    `ma go CZH$m \$m`Zm{e`b AS>hm`Pa H$hH$a g_m{ZV {H$`m >&



    Ho$ gmW amoO Ho$ BVo_mb Ho$ {bE AmD$Q>nwQ>

    grI| {g\$ ZEo _|

    \$moQ>mo A~_

    moOoQ> oO|Q>oeZ

    H$nZr mo\$mBb

    d` H$m nmoQ>\$mo{bAmo

    {~OZog oOoQ>oeZ

    Q>mB_ Q>o~b


    Q>o{ZJ oOoQ>oeZ

    A{Z_oeZ emo

    gyMZm ~moS>

    ZOXrH$s A{YH$V H|$ _| ^oQ> {X{OE&RS-CIT


    A~ Am{\ g EnQg{Q{\ H Q Ho gmW(MS-PowerPoint)



    {hXr, AJoOr, _amR r, Ama JwOamVr _m`_gogwb^ H `yQ a {ejmB-b{ZJ AmYm{aV ZB {ejm nXVr~ohVa gamd, {ejH m| mam {ZOr _mJXeZ

    CXy, AmoSrgr RS-CIT A~ {S {OQ b {g{QOZ, Am{\ g EnQAma emgH r` B-_mUn Ho gmW

    ERA-World Class eLearning Technology Government Certification Experienced Facilitators Quality Education Material

    {dS>moOdS> mogo{gJoS>erQ>gS>oQ>m~og _ZoO_oQ> {g{Q>_


    BQ>aZoQoPoQ>oeZ Jm{\$gngZb B\$_oeZ _ZoOaAm`Q>r H$mVr..Amn Ho$ {bE!H$`yQ>g Ho$ ~mao _| g~Hw$N>

    A`mgH _

    AmOhr doe b|!Ama ZE Xma Ho$ {S{OQ>b {g{Q>OZ ~Z|

    _mBH mogmQ Am{\ g2010

    Hw b ewH

    {H V|

    2800/- 2900/- 3000/-

    2800/- x 1 1500/- + 1400/- 1000/- x 3

    H mog H s H mbmdYr - 2 `m 3 _{hZmoH r ~M RS-CITZ`m