DG Drafting and Design Flyer
DG Drafting and Design Flyer

DG Drafting and Design Flyer

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I edited and designed this flyer for Dan Gayler's Drafting and Design company.

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  • DG Drafting and

    Design A




    DG Drafting and Design

    DG Drafting & Design is a full service residential design firm focused on giving personal attention to every project. With over 13 years of experience, we offer our

    insight into each design. We offer: stock house plans custom home plans

    garage plans basic drafting services remodel design services home additions basement finishes

    and more

    Our goal is to give you personal plans and designs that are detailed and easy to understand.

    Contact Us

    Phone: 801.557.6711

    Email: dan@dgdraftinganddesign.com

    Website: www.dgdraftinganddesign.com

    Schedule an appointment today

    Your House made Your Way

  • Custom Home We create custom home designs using your ideas blended with our creativity. We ensure a house plan that is exciting, functional, and affordable. With our company, your custom home design will be developed for less than competing design firms in a fraction of the time.

    Remodel Home We can help you put life back into your home in many ways including renovating, finishing your basement, adding space, and improving curb appeal. No matter what your reason

    for remodeling, we can redesign your space into a home that fits your needs.

    Design Process

    1. Design/Feasibility Study

    Receive a consultation to determine style and features you are looking for.

    2. Preliminary Design

    Discuss the floor plan layout and features for your homes interior or exterior, and make final selections on materials and features.

    3. Plan Construction Drawing Development

    Develop construction drawings and finalize home plans.

    This includes: elevations, detailed floor plans, electrical and framing schematics, cross sections, and construction details.

    4. Consult with Structural Engineer Firm

    Submit all design decisions and drawings to be verified and prepared for construction.

    5. Support

    Contact us throughout the construction process.