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How to use the Microsoft Word Resume Wizard


  • Job Searching 101:Preparing a resume and searching for jobs onlinePart One: How to Make a ResumeWarren Public Libraries1 City Square, Suite 100Warren, Michigan 48093(586) 751-0770

  • How do I prepare a resume?Microsoft Word Resume WizardDouble-click on the blue W

    Click the File Menu

    Select New

  • Resume WizardOn the right side of the screen, a side bar will open that offers different types of documents you can start with. Under Templates, click Resume Wizard.

  • Resume WizardThe Resume Wizard will open.

  • Resume WizardEach screen of the Resume Wizard asks you questions. All you have to do is answer them.

  • Step One: Basic InfoFill in the boxes with your contact information. Make sure it is current, and that you will answer at the phone number or e-mail you provide. Be sure you can receive messages also.

  • Step Two: HeadingsHeadings are other information a potential employer might need or want to know about you.

  • More About HeadingsThere are two more windows on the Resume Wizard that ask about headings. Remember, these arent mandatory for every job.

  • HeadingsThe third Headings screen asks you to create your own, if theres something that isnt covered by the previous two screens.

  • Resume StylesResume Wizard offers three different styles for your resume.ContemporaryElegantProfessional

    They all give the same information, just in different layouts; consider the type of job you are looking for when choosing.

  • Styles and Types ContemporaryElegant Professional

  • Resume TypesResume Wizard offers four different types of resumes (this is different from styles).Chronological (in date order)Entry-Level (good for first-time workers)Professional (if you have multiple degrees or other experiences)Functional (best for labor work, skilled trades, etc)

  • Types and Styles (2) Entry-Level ChronologicalFunctional Professional

  • Resume WizardWhen youve answered all the questions, click Finish and youll have a formatted resume ready to send out.

  • Finished ResumeNote the Help box at the right side, which suggests other things you can do: Add a Cover Letter, Change the Visual Style of the Resume, etc.

  • Spell Check!!!Make sure your finished document does not have any misspellings. You can use Microsoft Words Spelling and Grammar tool, but be sure to check it yourself, too.

  • Save Your Resume!To be able to print or send your resume anywhere or to anyone, you MUST save it. You can bring a floppy disk or flash drive, or purchase a disk at the library.

  • Saving Your ResumeChoose the location where youd like to save the resume and remember for later use. Then, you can open it and send it any time.

  • Copying and PastingOpen the website where you are pasting your resume.Open your resume.Go to the Edit menu and click Select All.

  • Copying and PastingAll of the text on your resume should now be highlighted. It should look like this:

  • Copying and PastingGo to the Edit menu again.Click on Copy.

  • Copying and PastingGo to the website where you are pasting your resume. Click in the empty box.

  • Copying and PastingGo to the Edit menu on the website. (its in the same place as it is on Word.)Click Paste. Your resume will appear in the blank box.

  • UploadingIf you want to send your formatted resume to an employer, or have it on a website like Monster, you can choose to upload the file.

  • UploadingChoose Upload.Click Browse.3. Find your resume where it is saved.4. Name your resume.5. Click Create the Resume.

    If youre making your resume for the first time, use the Microsoft Word Resume Wizard.Word has a number of Wizards that you can use to prepare resumes, cover letters, or any kind of correspondence.You dont need to include headings like Hobbies or Extracurricular Activities; but if the job description asks for additional information, you can. Always be sure to note languages you speak fluently, and if youre willing to relocate.If you are looking for a grounds crew job (for instance), and youve won awards for gardening, thats definitely something important you could include under Interests and Activities, Hobbies, and/or Awards Received.If you have passed job-specific exams or have been accredited or licensed for something (Chauffeurs License counts!) be sure to note it here.You can also change the order of your resume headings. If theres something you think is most important about your resume, you can use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to make sure its the first thing a potential employer sees.Notice that all of these examples of type have the same information; its just presented in a different order.(Well handle cover letters in the next hour.)You should see a blinking cursor in the box. Now youre ready to paste.Upload means to transfer your file to another location or device; in this case, to Monster, or Career Builder, etc.