Job Searching for Teachers

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Job Searching for Teachers. Presented by: Kim Meredith, LPC, NCC Assistant Director, Career Counselor (678) 547-6584 Provided by the Mercer Career Services Office. Teacher Recruitment Fair. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Job Searching for Teachers

Job Searching for TeachersPresented by: Kim Meredith, LPC, NCCAssistant Director, Career Counselor(678) 547-6584

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mercer macon campus university center9:30 a.m.

Sign-up not requiredProfessional attire and Rsum required

Teacher Recruitment Fair

Provided by the Mercer Career Services OfficeSee your Mercer BEARlink account for list of participating school systems.2SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2014

Mercer atlanta campusAACC Building1:00 4:30 p.m. Sign-up is not required

*This event is open to the public. Mercer participants are given a chance to talk to recruiters first, from 1:00-1:30, before the event opens to the public at 1:30 p.m.

www.GISA-schools.orgOptional Event List of participating employers coming soonusually Woodward, Marist, etc. Lots of Atlanta area schools.

Appropriate fair for all certification areas

Not all the employers that recruit at this fair require certification

3ResumesA Marketing & Sales Tool.

Your Rsum Must Be:CrispConciseCompellingHigh ImpactResumesShould showcase your achievements or contributions, not just list your past jobs

Should tell the results or impact of your work

Should consider the needs of the employer (from researching) and tailor what you have to offer around their needs

Should use educational jargon

What is a High-Q / HQ Teacher?Teachers are considered to be highly qualified if they have:

a bachelors degree

2) full State certification

3) demonstrated competence in subject knowledge teaching skillsFrom the Georgia Professional StandardsTOP of your resume:List Your Bachelors Degree Name of DegreeExpected Month/YearName of Granting Institution: Mercer UniversityGPA (if above 3.0)Honors / Societies

Not Certified Yet, But List these:Passed GACE Content Exam, Month/YearT4 Early Childhood T4 Middle Grades: Math & Science

Sell Your Competence!Consider these sections:QualificationsStrengthsProfile

High-Q Definitiona Bachelors Degree

Full State Certification

demonstrated competence in subject knowledge And teaching skills

Resumes Should Stress That You Are High-Q!8Mercer A. Student1001 Atlanta Drive Atlanta, GA 30341

SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERPassion and proven track record for teaching SWD to excel!

QUALIFICATIONS Experience in teaching collaborative classes during my student teaching which included students with EBD, SLD, ADHD, and OHI Focused teaching strategies to meet the needs of SWD - resulted in a 30% increase in mastery of GP standards in writing during student teaching Researched effective strategies to teach writing and reading comprehension to SWD for my Adolescent Development and Learning, Teaching Exceptional Learners, and Research classes at Mercer University Awarded Teacher of the Month during student teaching for my commitment to helping students achieve mastery of GP standards for reading comprehension and writing Received the following praise for my Analysis of Student Learning: This is one of the best Analysis of Student Learning that I have ever received. You were very thorough with supporting details and you actually learned from the experience. Fantastic job. Somebody Here, University Supervisor

Georgia T4 Teaching Certificate - Expected May 2011Early Childhood and Special Education General Curriculum Consultative (P-12)

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Education (BSED)Expected May 2011 Mercer University, Atlanta, GAGPA: 3.71

Sample Top of a Resume - Shows Critical Selling Points! Classic Clichs to Avoid on Your ResumePlanned, created, and instructed lessons

Assisted in the classroom instruction

Took attendance roll

Met with parents in conferences

These are too VAGUE!

To avoid basic, clich statements on your Rsum, you must take the time to reflect on your contributions and achievements during your field experiences, practicum, and student teaching (and any other classroom experience you may have). Its not enough to recite basic teacher duties on your Rsum. Really tell the value and reach of your contributions by writing content in the Rsum that captures the readers attention and shows how you are different than every other certified teacher in the candidate pool.

10Two Ways to Customize Your Teacher Rsum! (and avoid those clichs!)Use the PSRV exercise to help you write your contributions and achievements

Deconstruct the job description and use language from it to capture the reader

How to Get to Your Contributions/AchievementsPSRV Exercise: (just an exercise to get your thoughts rolling)




ValueLets Try PSRV Now!One of the most challenging aspects of writing an effective resume is ones inability to think confidently about how theyve contributed positively to various work, school, volunteer or life situations. The purpose of the PSRV exercise is simply to force you to think about your current and past experiences in a way that helps you synthesize your overall contributions. Complete this exercise on a blank piece of paper numerous times. Once youve racked your brain and come up with some problems/issues/challenges/situations that youve helped solve, you must decide which ones are meaningful on the resume youre writing now. Which ones tell about your ability to perform the job youre aiming for now? Which ones sell your skills/abilities/accomplishments to your next employer? Use those to ensure that your Rsum is customized to the particular employer/position you are seeking.

Note: the PSRV format is not recommended for the actual wording on your resume. It is simply meant to be a brain exercise. Once youve gone through the exercise, it is critical to form concise summary statements that represent the situation you want to express. Begin your summary statement with a verb (see resume verb liststhere is one on the Career Services web site or you can Google to find them all over the web!).

Example summary statements appropriate for use on a resume:

Initiated and grew an After-School Art Club providing students an opportunity to further explore/practice their art interests in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Club has approx. 20 members, is well-known in the county and is now in its 6th year.

Implemented varied strategies and differentiated assessments meeting needs of a diverse group of students transitioning from local feeder schools, resulting in faster academic progress and assimilation into the school.

12How to Consider the Needs of the EmployerDeconstruct the Job Description (JD)This means analyze the JD thoroughly.Highlight key words and phrases.Make a list of the top three things that the employer is looking for.Some JDs are short and not very informative Dig deeper. When you find job descriptions that are short and not informative, you must do your research through other means in order to learn about a particular school/county/employer. Through your research, make a checklist of the top three things that employer may be looking for.13You Must Study the Employers Web Site!

Learn enough that you could deliver a thoughtful, fact-filled presentation to the employer, about themselves.

Its just not optionalIf you want to compete.Lets think of some Educational Jargon

Heres a great web site to help you create powerful phrases using educational jargon:

RTI Response to InterventionDifferentiated InstructionProfessional StandardsSmall GroupCooperative LearningEBDEIP

The list goes on and onmake a brain storm list of the things youve learned and will be implementing in your classroom. Go to your LiveText account to get some clues!15Which Style Resume?


Move Education to Top17

18Resumes Tips for Career ChangersUse the Rule of Relevance to decide whether to include the experience in your resume

First, determine if your experience is in the Education field or outside the field (non-education)

Ask yourself if the experience in your past is relevant to your new teaching career.

Yes! Sell this in your resume!Yes! Sell this in your resume!List in the employment history, but de-emphasize it by shortening the content. 19#1 Turn-off for recruitersPoor writing skills. Poorly written email to the recruiter Mistakes in grammar or typos in any of your communication Unprofessional looking in format Being informal use of lowercase, jargon, chat/text talk, etc.You will be disqualified!Application must also be flawless!

Dont start your email with Hi how are you doing? Doesnt need to look like your communicating with your friend. Be formal in your writing.20Your Job SearchA positive outlook!Job Outlook for Teachers

Source:O Net web currently has 270 openings posted.

Elementary TeachersMiddle SchoolTeachers100 Best Jobs of 2013(U.S. News & World Report)School Pyschologist - #13Speech-Language Pathologist - #28

High School Teacher - #38Elementary School Teacher - #45Middle School Teacher - #52Pre-School Teacher - #55School Counselor - #59Leverage Your Job Search by Becoming Involved in a Professional Organization!GAE Georgia Association of

PAGE Professional Association of Georgia

ReferencesSelect your people wisely.Ask their permission and keep them abreast of your search at all times!

A reference thats not strong can hurt you.

(Despite having superior quality resume,