Presentasi Seminar Unity (AMIKOM Game Dev)

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Presentasi Seminar Unity yang diselenggarakan oleh Amikom Game Developer (AGD) ada tanggal 14 Mei 2014

Text of Presentasi Seminar Unity (AMIKOM Game Dev)

  • 1. UNITY How to make 2D game using unity

2. My Name Bram Pratowo Contact Email : Twitter : 3. GAMES 4. TOOLS 5. CONSIDERATION Familiar Programming Language Features and Plugins Pricing Game Platform Documentation Community Support 6. 2D GAME Sprite Animation 2D Model 7. LOGIC Looping while do while for Selection if else switch case Arithmetic +, -, *, /, % 8. OTHER Sound Composer - Background Music (BGM) - Sound Effect (SFX) QA & Testing - Performance - Find Bug - Enjoy? 9. UNITY 10. PREPARATION 2D Image (background, button) Sound (*.wav, *.mp3, *.ogg) Model (main character, enemy, weapon, sprite) Script 11. FLOW STEP Create Project Import Asset Create Game Object Create/Add Component ScriptingTesting Choose Platform Deploy 12. EDITOR 13. SCENE Scene = Level Contains of all objects Placing your object everywhere you want Main menu, levels, maps, etc. 14. ASSET Drag and drop your asset (image, button, bgm, sfx, script) 15. GAME OBJECT Every object in your game is Game Object Placing your game object just drag and drop Manage your game object in inspector 16. COMPONENT Component is also game object Animation, script, audio, particle, physic, text, etc Component works only in game object Game object works with component GAME OBJECT Animation Physic Audio Particle Script 17. SCRIPTING Language Programming: -C# -Javascript -Boo 18. TESTING Through in Unity Unity Remote (Android) Unity Player Unity Remote (Android) Play on android device without install the game 19. UNITY 2D TECHNOLOGY Why choose Unity as game engine? - UDK or Cryengine? - Construct or Game Maker ? Choosing Unity: - License - Budget - Cloning - Market - Team 20. CAMERA 21. ANIMATION Sprite Sheet Animation Game Object Animation 22. PHYSICS AND RIGIDBODY Rigidbody The main component that allows an object to get the physical behavior Gravity Mass Friction Bounce 23. MATERIALS Friction Bounce 24. COLLIDER Box Collider Circle Collider Polygon Collider 25. PUZZLE GAME Let's make games like Amazing Alex" 26. GRAVITY 27. MASS 28. DEMO 29. DEPLOYMENT 30. DESKTOP APPS (MAC, LINUX, WINDOWS) WEB APPS Requirement: NONE 31. ANDROID APPS Requirement: SDK ANDROID 32. WINDOWS 8 APPS Requirements: WINDOWS 8 or 8.1 SDK Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (Windows 8) or 2013 (Windows 8.1) 33. WINDOWS PHONE APPS Requirements: Windows Phone 8 SDK Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 34. QUESTION??