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OMEBangalore Monthly Meet up. Online Marketing Enthusiast Group In Bangalore May 2010 Meet up. Discussion about SEO, Social Media. SEO Basics by @seobangalore - Suresh Babu Social Media Strategies, Facts and Stats by @ideasmaverick - Preetam Venkky Thanks to @shivseo, Vikas from Credirity Special Thanks to @brandbull, @IdeasMaverick, @praveenravi , @seoshankar and all the attendees and Volunteers

Text of OME Bangalore. SEO Bangalore presentation. SEO Meet up In Bangalore, Online Marketing Enthusiast...

  • 1. Online Marketing EnthusiastMay 22, 2010 . Bangalore

2. Agenda

  • SEO Basics
  • How Search Engines work
  • Whats New
  • Real Time Search Results
  • Social Media Basics
  • Examples of Social Media Success
  • Q & A

3. Google 4. Paid Local Natural Search Engine Page Results 5. How Search Works Crawl Index List

  • Web crawlers are automated Web browser which follows every link
  • Indexes based on content
  • stored in an index database

When searched using a keyword, searches in index and lists the sites. 6. SEO Guidelines

  • Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Why Google webmaster says so ?
  • Example - point system


  • Every page - unique title, description and keywords
  • Clear hierarchy, text links
  • Content rich website
  • URL / Alt tags / H1 tags
  • Incoming Links from Authority sites
  • Site Map
  • Google Local Free. Take Advantage

SEO Basics 8. Websites and SEO

  • How websites works ?
  • Domain name, hosting, email
  • Include SEO while you do the R & D, prior to buying a domain
  • Why ?Easier, can choose the right domain with keywords
  • Keyword research in the website design planning phase
  • Why H1 tags, bread crumbs are important
  • Links Importance of back links
  • Content based on the keyword research
  • Common Mistakes SEO after making the site live
  • Using business name /welcome in the title, H1 tags
  • Building a site completely with Flash. Use Flash sparingly

9. Search Engine Page Results ( Now ) Real Time Twitter Twitter 10. Factors Influencing Real Time Results

  • Topics and real time components
  • Tweets, Google News, Fresh blog posts, Friend feeds
  • How real time results ranked ?
  • Based on relevancy, Time of tweet etc
  • Google has options now to search updates, everything
  • GoogleTrends, Yahoo Buzz, Trending topics Hot topics
  • Advantages: Accurate, up to information for searchers
  • Opportunity For Businesses Tweet about friends birthday

11. Social Media is What is Social Media? 12. aConversation 13. Blogs Wikis Podcasts RSS Mashups Social Networks Powered by 14.

  • It is a Conversation between
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Investors
  • You and Me

Twitter is a mini Orkut or a mini face book thatallows only 140 characters( similar toyour scrapor what's on your mind ) 15. And guess what?

  • The social media conversation is
  • Not Organized
  • Not Controlled
  • Not a Message
  • Full of Insights
  • Fun and most of all Free

16. Why Social Media ?

  • To communicate
  • To Interact
  • To Educate
  • For Market Research
  • Customer support
  • To build a community
  • To Sell/Promote

17. Social Media Examples 18. Thank You Suresh Babu Email:[email_address] Blog: LinkedIn: