Mobile Apps and Social Media 2012 proposal

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2 Day Mobile Apps and Social Media Event. The objectives for the program are Mobile Apps and Social Media and its impact on Society and Business in the Emerging Markets #MASM2012 The program would be held on (-April 2012) in Accra, Ghana-West Africa.


  • 1.MOBILE APPS AND SOCIAL MEDIAGHANA#MASM2012ACCRA - APRIL 2012Wednesday, 15 February 12

2. A two day interactive & engaging conference featuring key keynotesspeeches, brand case studies, topical Q&A and debates, exhibitionhall, workshops and networking.Our aim is to deliver an event which is second to none, ensuring ourparticipants receives the maximum potential from attending ourshows. New for 2012 we will introduce panel discussion formats,tweet up panels, on stage interviews, open Q&A portions, audiencesourcing debates and break-out group discussions allowing for youto explore in-depth the key social media platforms, and how theycan enhance your marketing.PURPOSEWednesday, 15 February 12 3. The Mobile Apps Conference is a whole day to explorenew ideas and come up with solutions to existingchallenges. Ideally targeted for mobile industry playersand the developer community to get to know each otherbetter and learn about the concerns and opportunities theylook at from a technological and business perspective.Social Media in Business helping you examine how socialmedia culture and social networking platforms are havinga major impact on business communication, practices andprocesses. How can these social tools be utilised, how canyou employ strategies within your company to increaseprotability, sustain reputation and empower yourcustomers and employees to be brand ambassadors foryour products.KEYNOTE SPEECHESPANEL DISCUSSIONSWORKSHOPSQ&A SECTIONAPPS CIRCUS COMPETITION NETWORKINGAGENDAWednesday, 15 February 12 4. As the popularity of social media continues to grow, sotoo does the need for the business sector to develop asocial media presence and connect with the communitythrough these communication channels. Indeed, socialmedia has become a powerful community engagementtool, offering the opportunity to interact with thecommunity, deliver services, obtain feedback and buildyour organisational brand with an immediacy that isunmatched by traditional means of communication.Mobile apps have brought the world to your ngertips andpromise a revolution in communication. With the currentexplosion of new applications, it is expected that themarket for mobile applications will be "as big as theinternet", peaking at 10 million apps in 2020. Theexcitement around mobile applications is going to have amajor impact on our economy, and our way of life.WHY YOU SHOULD ATTENDWednesday, 15 February 12 5. At this conference, the brightest minds in social media and mobile technology will discuss the impact on the Ghanaian market. Were gathering over 800 of the most interesting social media experts, mobile developers, investors, executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, carriers, content developers and aggregators, advertisers and many more.WHO SHOULD ATTENDWednesday, 15 February 12 6. #MASM2012 Conference is the place to gain premiummarket exposure to the largest and most inuentialgathering in the mobile industry. Catch the attention ofinuential representatives from operators, serviceproviders, network infrastructure vendors, developers andmore from across West Africa:This year, there are a variety of sponsorship opportunitieswhich will compliment any marketing plan and cater toany investment. Our sponsor opportunities will t anycompanys marketing goals by reaching the appropriateaudience while staying within your budget.For more sponsorship information, Please contact:Josiah Eyison: +44 7593 595 978 ONLINE PRESENCE STAGE PRESENCE CONFERENCE STAND WEBSITE EVENT APPWHY SPONSORWednesday, 15 February 12 7. Media from the event will be syndicated to local and international press, television, radio and online. Event video will be streamed to an international audience who can participate remotely. PRESS LAUNCHLOCAL MEDIA OUTLETS TECH BLOGSSOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMMEDIAWednesday, 15 February 12 8. Mobile Consortium Ghana(MCG) is a StrategyConsultancy advising Government and Business on thefuture of Mobile Technology on the African Continent.Whether a small company, a Multi-National orGovernment Agency, MCG can help and advise you onhow to take advantage of Mobile technology to drive yourbusiness.- Established 2008- Privately owned Social Enterprise- Online community of thought leaders & innovators- Hosts of mobile technology events- Expanding globally- Based in London & Accra- www.mobileconsortiumgh.comWHO WE AREWednesday, 15 February 12