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  • Chapter 3Application SoftwareICT 101 Intro to Computer by Meljun CortesMELJUN CORTES

  • Chapter 3 ObjectivesDefine application softwareUnderstand how system software interacts with application softwareIdentify the role of the user interfaceExplain how to start a software applicationIdentify various products available as Web applicationsDescribe the learning aids available with many software applicationsIdentify the widely used products and explain key features of productivity/business software applications, graphic design/multimedia software applications, home/personal/educational software applications, and communications software applicationsp. 3.2

  • Application SoftwarePrograms that perform specific tasks for usersAlso called a software application or an applicationSeveral reasons to use application software

    What is application software?p. 3.2

  • Application SoftwareWhat are the categories of application software?p. 3.2 Fig. 3-1

  • Application SoftwareWhat is a software package?A specific software product, such as Microsoft WordAvailable through retail, shareware, freeware, and public-domain

    p. 3.2

  • Application SoftwareWhat is system software?Programs that control the operations of the computer and its devicesServes as the interface between the user, the application software, and the computer's hardware

    p. 3.3 Fig. 3-2

  • Application SoftwareWhat is an operating system?A type of system softwareContains instructions that coordinate all the activities among computer hardware devices

    p. 3.2

  • Application SoftwareWhat is a utility program?Also called a utilityA type of system software that performs a specific taskUsually related to managing a computer, its devices, or its programs

    p. 3.3

  • Application SoftwareWhat is an antivirus program?A utility that prevents, detects, and removes viruses from a computers memory or storage devices

    A virus is a program that copies itself into other programs and spreads through multiple computersSome viruses destroy or corrupt data

    p. 3.3 Fig. 3-3

  • Technology TrailblazerPaul AllenCo-founded Microsoft with Bill GatesBecame head of research and new product developmentServes as a senior strategy adviser to top Microsoft executives

    Click to view Web Linkthen click Paul Allenp. 3.5

  • A graphical user interface (GUI) combines text, graphics, and other visual images to make software easier to use

    Application SoftwareWhat is a user interface?Controls how you enter data or instructions and how information displays on the screen

    p. 3.4

  • Application SoftwareWhat is the desktop?On-screen work area that can display graphical elements

    IconsButtonsWindowsMenusLinksDialog boxesp. 3.4 Fig. 3-4

  • A command is an instruction that causes a computer program to perform a specific actionA submenu is a menu that displays when you point to a command on a previous menu

    A menu contains commands you can select

    Application SoftwareWhat is a menu?p. 3.5 Fig. 3-5

  • Application SoftwareHow can you start an application?Click its program name on a menu or submenu

    Instructs the operating system to start the applicationTransfers the program from a storage medium into memory

    p. 3.6

  • Application SoftwareWhat are features of an application window?A window is a rectangular area of the screen that displays a program, data, and/or information

    A title bar is a horizontal space that contains the windows name

    p. 3.6 Fig. 3-6

  • Application SoftwareWhat is a dialog box?A special window a program displays to provide information, present available options, or request a response

    p. 3.6 Fig. 3-7

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is productivity software?Software that assists people in becoming more effective and efficient while performing daily activities

    p. 3.7 Fig. 3-8

  • Company on the Cutting EdgeSupplies top-rated software for personal computersNinety-five percent of personal computers run at least one Microsoft applicationThe worlds leading productivity software developer

    Click to view Web Linkthen clickMicrosoftp. 3.7

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is word processing software?Allows users to create and manipulate documents that contain text and graphicsOne of the most widely used types of application software

    p. 3.8 Fig. 3-9

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is clip art?A collection of drawings, diagrams, and photographs that you can insert into documents

    p. 3.8 Fig. 3-9

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat are some word processing features?p. 3.8

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is a major advantage of using a word processor?You can easily change what you have writtenInsert, delete, or rearrange words, sentences, paragraphs or entire sections

    p. 3.9

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is a spelling checker?Reviews the spelling of individual words, sections of a document, or the entire document

    p. 3.9

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat are headers and footers?

    Productivity SoftwarePage 3.9Productivity software is software that assists people in becoming more effective and efficient while performing daily activities. Productivity software includes applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation graphics, personal information manager, software suite, accounting, and project management.May includePage numbersCompany namesReport titlesDates

    p. 3.9

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat are other popular word processing features?p. 3.9

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat are the stages of developing a document?p. 3.10

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is the clipboard?A temporary storage location used for cut, copy, and paste

    Click to view animationp. 3.10

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is a font?p. 3.10 Fig. 3-11

  • A file name is a unique combination of letters of the alphabet, numbers, and other characters that identifies the fileThe title bar of a document window usually displays the file name

    Productivity SoftwareWhat is a file?A named collection of data, instructions, or informationEach file has a file name

    p. 3.10

  • The computers capability of distinguishing spoken words

    Productivity SoftwareWhat is voice recognition?

    p. 3.11 Fig. 3-12

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is spreadsheet software?Allows you to organize data in rows and columnsPerforms calculations on this dataRows and columns collectively called a worksheet

    Click to view Web Linkthen click Spreadsheet Softwarep. 3.12 Fig. 3-13

  • Productivity SoftwareHow is a spreadsheet organized?Click to view animationp. 3.12 Fig. 3-13

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat can a cell contain?p. 3.12

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is a function?A predefined formula that performs common calculations



  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is a macro?A sequence of keystrokes and instructions you record and saveRun the macro to perform the sequence of saved keystrokes and instructions

    p. 3.13

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is recalculation?The capability of recalculating the rest of the worksheet when data in a worksheet changesWhat-if analysis is a process in which you change certain values in a spread sheet in order to reveal the effects of those changes

    p. 3.13


    Projected College Cash Flow Analysis



    Room & Board$ 3,290.00$ 3,454.50$ 3,627.23$ 3,808.59$ 14,180.32

    Tuition & Books4,850.005,092.505,347.135,614.4820,904.11




    Total$ 9,590.00$ 10,069.50$ 10,572.99$ 11,101.63$ 41,334.12



  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is charting?Allows you to display spreadsheet data in a chart that shows the relationship of data in graphical form

    p. 3.14 Fig. 3-15

  • Technology TrailblazerDan BricklinDeveloped VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheetFormed the Software Arts company with Bob Frankston

    Click to view Web Linkthen click Dan Bricklinp. 3.14

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is a database?A collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data

    Click to view Web Linkthen click Database Softwarep. 3.15 Fig. 3-16

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat is database software?Also called a database management system (DBMS)Allows you to create, access, and manage a database

    p. 3.16

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat are the parts of a database?Click to view Web Linkthen click Database Softwarep. 3.15 Fig. 3-16

  • Productivity SoftwareHow is a database organized?Records and fields in a table are described by the table structure

    p. 3.16 Fig. 3-17

  • Productivity SoftwareWhat does the structure contain?p. 3.16

  • Productivity SoftwareHow is data entered or modified?Data is entered using a data entry formEntering individual records is known as populating the tableValidation is the process of comparing the data to a set of rules or values to determine if the data is correct

    p. 3.17 Fig. 3-18

  • Productivity SoftwareHow is data manipulated to generate information?Sort or organize a set of records in a particular orderRetrieve information using a query, or request for specific data

    A query retrieves data by identifying criteria, which are restrictions the data must meetP