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Manchester Photo- shoot

Manchester photo shoot

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Manchester Photo-shoot

Manchester Photo-shoot

EquipmentThe equipment needed for this photo-shoot is as follows DSLR camera, SD card, tripod, DSLR camera bag, map of Manchester to find my way around and a list of locations I am intending to visit

LightingThe lighting will have to depend on the place I am taking the picture, if the picture is going to be external the lighting will be natural and not too bright but if it is an internal picture (inside) it will have to depend on the kind of lighting around me and I will have to try and work around it to try and get the lighting that I want.

Health & Safety Risk assessmentHealth & Safety would be similar to the risk assessment.

LocationsNorthern quarter Piccadilly (external)Northern quarter shops (internal)Northern quarter graffiti (external)

Types of shots & AlternativesThe types of shots I will be using will depend on the thing I am taking a picture of, if it is going to be a large item I will use a wide type of shot e.g. wide angle, The shot I think I will be using the most is going to be a medium shot and a medium shot, I will be taking pictures internally instead of external shots as it may be raining the day we go to do the photo shoot, these would be things such as paintings, statues and shops that have interesting features along with other artistic items.

Reasons For ChoiceI have chosen to take pictures of these things as they have the most colour and look the most attractive to anyone that hasnt ever been to Manchester or is thinking of visiting Manchester for the first time, the internal shots on the other hand will be of artistic things such as paintings, statues and other artistic features.

Peter LikLik is best known for his panoramic photos, and the large size and overall quality of his pictures. He typically shoots panoramas. Lik spent his early 1990s working for the tourism department of Queensland, Australia traveling through the outback and photographing little-seen areas.