Preliminary photo shoot Test shots

Preliminary Photo Shoot

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Page 1: Preliminary Photo Shoot

Preliminary photo shoot

Test shots

Page 2: Preliminary Photo Shoot
Page 3: Preliminary Photo Shoot
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Ideas • I want to create a poster style magazine front cover with a simple silhouette.• I wanted to have a woman on the front cover.• I tried a number of dresses to see which outfit would suit and fit the style of my

magazine.• I prefer the shots were my model is looking into the camera – the feminine allure.• It is known that images where a woman is on the front cover making eye contact with

the audience sells more then other competing magazines.• I like the look of the models I wanted to make sure my models had big curly hair, to

create volume and curves.• I will be cutting away the background on all my pictures so the viewer is not distracted

from the model as the main image.• I wanted a strong main image to relate to Hip Hop and R&B style.• In most of the shots the models are striking hard posses, with their hands on their

hips with also creates the illusion of more curves to their figures.• My idea for this photo shoot was two friends getting ready for a night out.• I wanted the models to almost appear tipsy, adding the wine in the shoots for effect.• I wanted to portray people getting ready to go out clubbing either as singers or a band

getting ready for a set or as fans getting ready to go out.