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  • 1. Laura LeePHOTO-SHOOT!

2. PHOTO-SHOOT EVIDENCE 3. I chose Heaton Woods as my first location as I felt that it would add a good vibe to my magazine. I felt like using an outdoor, woodland location would add a different vibe to my Indie magazine and is a bit of an alternative choice in comparison to which locations are used for photos in other music magazines, for example, rock music magazines tend to have there photos taken on a black background or in a studio during rehearsals with all the equipment and instruments in view. This location also gave me the opportunity to pose my model in order to make her look innocent and the natural lighting helped to give my photos a good brightness that could easily be altered if I was to go for a darker effect within my magazine. I posed my model on different levels and took a variation of photos with some close ups and others as full length images, this gave me the opportunity to chose the type of shot I wanted to use for my cover page image. WHY I CHOSE THIS LOCATION 4. PHOTO-SHOOT 5. I used a home location as it enabled me to manipulate the lighting to achieve the affect that I desired. It also meant I was not limited to a number of outfits as my model could easily get changed within this environment. I chose to use the plain white background as I felt that it would make it easy to edit on Photoshop when using the images for my magazine. I posed my model in ways that I thought would work effectively for my magazine as I was already aware of what my double page spread and front cover would consist of. My model stated that she would feel more comfortable posing for my photos at an indoor location so to achieve the best outcome I compromised and did a mixture of the two to give me a variation of images that I could use. WHY I CHOSE THIS LOCATION 6. THIRD LOCATION PHOTO-SHOOT 7. In order to get a variation of models for my magazine I used school as one of the locations. I chose to this as the outside of the school building fitted to the affect I wanted to create and it also meant that I could organise my photo-shoot with people who had difficulty meeting out of school time. In some images I used the background of the fence outside the school building as like using Heaton Wood it gave a natural and relaxed feeling to my photos and this is the affect I think Indie music has on its listeners. The green-screen background was used mainly on my female models as I wanted them to be stand alone a plain background so the green screen ensured that editing out the background was less complicated to do and I could achieve what I wanted to. WHY I CHOSE THIS LOCATION 8. IMAGES USED ON MY MAGAZINE.