LinkedIn Company Page Updates; Jolt & Bolt 12_08_2011

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<ol><li> 1. LinkedIn Engaging with your company page. presented by Kathy Hokunson December 8, 2011presents </li><li> 2. LinkedIn Company Pages Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 3. Company PagesSite-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 4. Company PagesSite-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 5. Company PagesSite-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 6. Company PagesSite-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 7. Todays BOLT BUZZ WORDANALYTICSSite-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 8. Measuring engagement . . . Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 9. Measuring engagement . . . Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 10. Whats new . . .Followers of yourcompany page will seethe status updates ontheir home page whenthey login . . .Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 11. Admins In order to post a company status you must have chosen thedesignated admins only under the company profile settings. Only those designated can update the company status.Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 12. Status updates Here are a few rules of the road: Updates can be up to 500 characters You can add links You CANNOT add pictures at this time (unless you arelinking to a picture.) Businesses that post excessively are subject to review andcould risk having pages deleted.Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 13. SO WHAT? Gives your brand a voice, use it wisely Build rapport and engagement with your business community Build credibility amongst your peersSite-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 14. ResourcesArticles that we referenced for todays Jolt &amp; Bolt came from: Social Media Today Mashable Hubspot Linkedin BlogYou can access all of them at the link bundle:, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 15. Questions? Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 16. Reserve your weekly spot today! Register at Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 17. Download the Slide Deck @Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 18. Thank you for joining us!Dont forget to enter todays BOLT BUZZ WORDat joltandboltwebinar.comYou could win a $50 Gift Card!Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011 </li><li> 19. Need more info?Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011</li></ol>