Let's make transhumanism FUN again

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Presentation given by Giulio Prisco at the Humanity+ community event in Second Life on September 15, 2011. Title: Let's make transhumanism FUN again.


<ul><li> 1. Humanity+ @ Second Life<br />September 15, 2011<br />Giulio Prisco<br />Lets make transhumanism FUN again<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. From Clarkes 2001<br />To 9/11, 2001<br /> 3. Red vs. blue vs. green vs. black<br />immortality<br />responsibility<br />VR<br />existentialrisks<br />Appeasing<br />bioloddites<br />hope<br />humility<br />FUN<br />Peak oil<br />cryonics<br />optimism<br />BORING<br />ethics<br />AI<br />mind uploading<br />nanotech<br />pessimism<br />no limits<br />carbonchauvinism<br />SPACE<br />Politically<br />correct<br />freedom<br />Science<br />fiction<br /> 4. LEADERSHIP is VISION,<br />INSPIRATION<br />and MOTIVATION<br />the rest is management<br /> 5. We must inspire transhumanists<br />with beautiful dreams, grand visions,<br />hope, optimism, science and action<br />Lets go back to the 90s<br /> 6. Even better, lets go back TO THE F## SIXTIES!<br /> 7. evolution<br />LETS GO!<br />new advanced<br />technologies<br />for human<br />empowerment<br />radical change<br /> 8. Back to the Moon, then to Mars<br />and to the planets<br /> 9. immortal<br />uploads<br />beamed to<br />the galaxies<br />NOLIMITS<br />and then to the stars<br />and beyond, for an<br />infinite cosmic<br />adventure<br />this is<br />transhumanism<br /></p>