Let's make transhumanism FUN again

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Presentation given by Giulio Prisco at the Humanity+ community event in Second Life on September 15, 2011. Title: Let's make transhumanism FUN again.


1. Humanity+ @ Second LifeSeptember 15, 2011Giulio PriscoLets make transhumanism FUN again 2. From Clarkes 2001To 9/11, 2001 3. Red vs. blue vs. green vs. blackimmortalityresponsibilityVRexistentialrisksAppeasingbiolodditeshopehumilityFUNPeak oilcryonicsoptimismBORINGethicsAImind uploadingnanotechpessimismno limitscarbonchauvinismSPACEPoliticallycorrectfreedomSciencefiction 4. LEADERSHIP is VISION,INSPIRATIONand MOTIVATIONthe rest is management 5. We must inspire transhumanistswith beautiful dreams, grand visions,hope, optimism, science and actionLets go back to the 90s 6. Even better, lets go back TO THE F## SIXTIES! 7. evolutionLETS GO!new advancedtechnologiesfor humanempowermentradical change 8. Back to the Moon, then to Marsand to the planets 9. immortaluploadsbeamed tothe galaxiesNOLIMITSand then to the starsand beyond, for aninfinite cosmicadventurethis istranshumanism