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  • 1. Lead Simplified Lead Management Simplified

2. Agenda

  • What are you looking for?
  • What is blocking you?
  • LeadSimplified Introduction
  • Offering
  • Features
  • Testimonials

3. What are you looking for? 4. Increase in Sales! 5. Increase in Revenue! 6. Sales Process 7. Stronger andHappier Organization 8. What is blocking you? 9. Deals are not getting closed Sales pipeline is not clearly visible Lack of proper information at hand Existing tools are not getting used 10. Lead Simplified Lead Management Simplified Convert more leads to deals!! 11. It helps you build an organization that Followsstreamlined Sales Process Maximizeseffectiveness of sales team Consistently predictsaccurate results Stays Stronger and Happier 12. Build 13. Stronger andHappier organizations 14. withLeadSimplified 15. Contact Management LeadSimplified Features 16. Enquiry Management LeadSimplified Features 17. Followup Management and Alerts LeadSimplified Features 18. Business Reports LeadSimplified Features 19. Dashboard (KPIs) LeadSimplified Features 20. Sales Process Checklist LeadSimplified Features 21. Lead Scoring LeadSimplified Features 22. Mobile Access LeadSimplified Features 23. Gmail Gadget LeadSimplified Features 24. LeadSimplified Features Contact Management Enquiry Management Followup Alerts Business Reports Dashboard (KPIs) Process Checklist Lead Scoring Mobile Interface Gmail Gadget 25. 5 Solid reasonsto get started with LeadSimplified 26. Get startedquick and easy 5 With hosted offering, the time and investmentare greatly reduced. 27. Objectively measure prospectsinterest level with quality information 4 28. Intuitive and user-friendlyweb-based technologyhelps people adopt andfollow the sales process 3 29. Gain higher visibility intoSales performance and Pipeline 2 30. Build Stronger and Happier Organization 1 31. Dozens of companies are relying onLeadSimplified to improve their sales process. 32. Dozens of companies are relying onLeadSimplified to improve their sales process.They are enjoying higher salesand increase in revenueconsistently. 33. Hear what our clientshave to say 34.

          • Our sales people are able to
          • convert clients faster
          • by regular follow ups...
          • Thanks to LeadSimplified
          • Mr. Mohammed Mohideen,
          • Director, www.aysharealestate.com


          • With the help of lead simplified
          • I am able to followup my clients at
          • the right time and also view my
          • team performance.No doubt it's a
          • good investment on software
          • Mr. Sanjey S. Ahuja,
          • Franchise owner, www.cartridgeworld.in


          • As a small company, leads generated from
          • any source are very valuable. we need to manage
          • with minimum people and improve the sales.
          • www.leadsimplified.com has helped us keep
          • it up to the big boys in terms of customer follow-up
          • and give the right information at the right time.
          • Mr. Kalyaan Kumar ,
          • CEO, www.handselconstruction.com

37. 38. Contact Us Summary www.leadsimplified.com Lead Simplified Lead Management Simplified [email_address] +91 (044)42660666