If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Fix It: Metrics as a Component of Customer Communications Management

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In todays multi-channel customer communication management environment defining, collecting, analyzing, and acting on metrics is critical. How do you approach creating and utilizing metrics in your multi-channel CCM campaigns?


  • 1. Insights 2011 Las Vegas If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Fix It.Metrics as a Component of CCM 8 June 2011

2. Panelists

  • Chair Skip Henk, EDP
      • President, Xplor International
  • Rob Williams, CMDSM, EMCM
    • Continuum Worldwide, Director, Regional Operations
  • Stephen Poe, EDP, CSM, CSPO
    • Nautilus Solutions, Principal
  • Roger Gimbel
    • Gimbel & Associates, President

Slide2011 Xplor International 3. Stephen D. Poe Principal, Nautilus Solutions Slide2011 Stephen D. Poe 4. A Multi-Channel World

  • Average consumer (developed country)
    • Uses 7.2 channels
  • Including
    • Traditional direct mail physical address
    • Email
      • Business
      • Personal
    • Facebook
    • Landline
    • Mobile phone
      • Text
      • Voice
    • Skype (or other VOIP)
    • Twitter

Source: InfoTrends, InfoStats Email Update, 12 January 2011 Slide2011 Stephen D. Poe 5. Multi-Channel Customer Communication Today

  • Current marketing campaigns
    • Use 2.7 channels (average)
  • Not communicating well, consistently, or across all channels

Source: InfoTrends, InfoStats Email Update, 12 January 2011 Slide2011 Stephen D. Poe 6. All Customer Communications

  • Following the same multi-channel route
    • Hardcopy, Web, email, mobile, IVR
  • Customers require communications
    • when they want it
    • how they want it
  • How do you monitor different communication channels?
    • Which are more effective for which customer segments?

Slide2011 Stephen D. Poe 7. New/Different Metrics

  • Each new channel introduces new metrics; e.g.,
    • Smart phone click-through rate
    • Mobile phone text response rate
    • Survey response rate hardcopy vs. Web vs mobile
    • Facebook application sign-up rate
    • Twitter re-tweets rate
  • Which ones matter?
    • How to not get lost in the weeds?

Slide2011 Stephen D. Poe 8. Forrester Three-Level Metrics Source: Social Media Marketing Metrics That Matter, Forrester, 2011 Slide2011 Stephen D. Poe 9. Multi-Channel CCM Metrics

  • Who are your target customers?
    • What metrics are appropriate for them?
  • Different metric case studies:
    • New car insurance offering targeted to under-30 early adopters with an emphasis on mobile channels
    • Explain multiple electric plan offerings to households with an emphasis on Facebook
    • Financial cross-sell offering targeted to over 50 high wealth individuals mostly by mail

Slide2011 Stephen D. Poe 10. Multi-channel CCM Metrics

  • Ultimately, back to the same old questions:
    • Did the campaign meet its goals?
      • Was it profitable?
      • What was its ROI?
    • Has it increased Customer Lifetime Value?
    • Has it reduced churn?
    • Has it resulted in higher cross-sell?
      • Or in a higher average number of products per customer?

Slide2011 Stephen D. Poe 11. Audience Q&A

  • Are you using metrics?
  • What metrics have you used?
    • Which worked?
    • Which didnt?

Slide2011 Xplor International 12.

  • For More Information

Slide2011 Xplor International Skip Henk Xplor International +1-813-929-8100 skip@xplor.org Stephen D. Poe, EDP Nautilus Solutions +1.214.532.0443 [email_address] Rob Williams Continuum Worldwide +1. 402-344-2679 [email_address] Roger Gimbel Gimbel & Associates +1. 646-472-1936 [email_address]