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These instructions will show you how to upload pictures and videos from your Blackberry directly to Facebook.


  • 1. How to Upload Photos and Videos from Your Blackberry Directly to Facebook Danielle Sabbah and Cody Berenson
  • 2. Introduction
    • Ever wonder how people get mobil uploads on their facebook?Everyone these days is using Facebook. In order to make the most out of Facebook on your Blackberry it is important to know how to upload pictures from your Blackberry straight to your Facebook account. It is simple and can be done anywhere and anytime.
  • 3. Things You'll Need
      • a Facebook account
      • a Blackberry with internet service that already has Facebook synced onto it
      • pictures of videos on your blackberry
  • 4. Tips and Warnings
    • Tip: We suggest that you wait to tag your video/picture and add captions from your computer once the pictures/videos are already uploaded to Facebook. This is because it take a long time to load from your phone. This service is completely free and works for all blackberry models.
    • Warning: You must already have access to Facebook from your Blackberry in order for these instructions to work.
  • 5. Go to main menu of your Blackberry. STEP 1:
  • 6. Open media application from main menu. STEP 2:
  • 7. Select either your videos or pictures folder depending on what you would like to upload. STEP 3:
  • 8. From the video or pictures folder select either "my videos," or "my pictures." STEP 4:
  • 9. Once all your videos and/or pictures upload to the screen, select the specific photo or video you would like to upload on Facebook STEP 5:
  • 10. Click the button left of the roller ball (the button that has the blackberry symbol on it), and select "Send to Facebook" STEP 6:
  • 11. A small window will pop up giving you the option to add a caption to your photo/video or tag your photo/video. If you choose to add a caption simply write it in the caption box, and to tag your photo/video click on "Tag This Photo" or "Tag This Video" and type the names of the people in the photo/video. STEP 7:
  • 12. After adding a caption or tagging your photo/video click on "Upload" on the window that popped up, and your photo/video will be uploaded to Facebook. STEP 8:
  • 13. After you have uploaded your picture or video, Facebook will send you a text or e-mail verifying that your picture or video has been successfully uploaded. STEP 9:
  • 14. Verify Your Picture/Video Has Uploaded
    • After you are done uploading your picture/video, Facebook will send you ande-mail confirming that your picture/video has been successfully uploaded!