How to Use Photos and Videos Content

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How to Photos and Videos Content

How to Use Photos and Videos Content4 steps Guide

Why you should use visual content?

1. Personality: Visual content represents your brand personality.

2. Shareable: Visual content is the most sharable amongst all media by your audience.

3. Multi-sensory communication: Easily rememberable content.

4. Novelty

5. SEO: Visual content increase your rank on Google Search.

Optimizing Your Videos

2. Keywords: Critical when producing videos; research your keywords on Google Search and keyword planner & build your videos around them.

3. Keywords location: Where and when your keywords are placed in a video is important. Use them in titles, descriptions and in your name file.

4. Pronounce the keywords, so they appear in the video transcript. Also, start by writing a script with your keywords placed early.

Integrating Images in Content Strategy

1. Show your product: If you are showcasing a product, show someone using this product.

2. Message: Help people visualize and understand the message clearly.

3. Branding: Increase your brand awareness by integrating your logo.

4. Have fun: Do not forget to show your company spirit with pictures from events, company party, etc

Promote Your Images Effectively

1. Share quality photos

2. Be timely: Share your photos as they happen, do not wait!

3. Share group photos: Promote your team.

4. Always use watermark

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