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1. Photos and videos from set. 2. Hair and makeup on setLauren and Matthew (our main Vampire) on set with theirvampire fangs. Laurens are seen in the party scene. 3. Hair and makeup on setTesting out the faketattoo set on cast andcrew.Unfortunately the stencil weoriginally chose to be themark didnt go to plan so wechose this stencil instead. Itlooks eerie and mysterious. 4. Photos from set throughout todaysshootEllie and Main character Levion party set today.Testing the strobe light today. Eventhough we blacked out the room itwas still very dark, this may end incutting this part. 5. Shooting today at the churchwith main characters Matt andLevi as well as much appreciatedextras.Another shot from filming theparty today. 6. Clips from today on setFilming beginning scene later ontoday at Levis.Ellie filming Levi inbathroom scene today. 7. Stills of images of what went on attodays shoot.Stills from church scene 8. Stills from party scene