How to create green screen videos & photos

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To create green screen videos, You need : Green screen backdrops or backgrounds SLR camera Chroma key software Digital background videos Green screen effects

Text of How to create green screen videos & photos

  • 1. How to Create Green Screen Photos or Videos?To create green screen photos or videos, you need thefollowing: -Green screen backdrops or backgroundsSLR cameraChroma key softwareDigital background videosGreen screen effects

2. How to Use Different Equipment for MakingGreen Screen Videos?SLR camera is used to shoot the scene in front of greenscreen backgrounds. After shooting, the scene is put tochroma key software. The green background is removedwith the help of this software and new digitalbackground is also inserted with the help of thissoftware. The software is also used to add differentgreen screen effects to the video. In this way, the wholevideo gets completed by using different equipment andeffects. 3. Steps To Use the Chroma Key Green ScreenEditing SoftwareThe chroma key green screen editing software is veryeasy to use. You just need to follow these steps: -Open the interface of the software and there will be awizard which will be easy to understand.Choose different background videos, images, titles,styles etc. for your video.When you have made all selections, click on Next.Save the edited video at a particular location and inrequired format. 4. Discount On Green Screen Software 123 VideoMagic ProThe leading providers of green screen offers a discount of 50 percent onits green screen video editing software 123 Video MagicPro.The original price of the software is $119.90 and the offerprice is half of this price, i.e. only $59.95. Buy thesoftware today and transform your photos and videos tomake them unique.Add special effects to the photos and videos at the comfortof your own studio and in very less budget.Visit for moreinformation.