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SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck https://www.smartrecruiters.com/ The six pillars of Facebook recruiting: 1. Facebook Profile. 2. Apply with Facebook. 3. Social Referrals. 4. Facebook Careers Tab. 5. Facebook Ads. 6. Graph Search.


<ul><li>1.ByJerome TernynckHiring on Facebook</li></ul> <p>2. Facebook Profile 3. Facebook ProfileFull Resume information online. Easyto set up, update, share and makepublic. Interactive. Easy to consume. 4. Apply with Facebook 5. Apply with FacebookOne-click Apply. Only downloads myprofessional Information (Experience,Education, Contact). Easy. Secure. 6. Social Referrals 7. Social ReferralsShare jobs on Facebook. Empoweremployees to do the same. Jobs areliked and shared. Strong Viral networkeffect. 8. Facebook Careers Page 9. Facebook Careers TabAdds a social Career Site to yourcompany page. People can searchjobs and apply directly from Facebook.Turn fans into hires. 10. Targeted Advertising 11. Facebook AdsHyper Targeted Advertising. Put yourjob in front of the right audience. Lowcost per click. Good returns. 12. Facebook Graph Search 13. Graph Search1 billion candidates. Fast and easySearch. Advanced Criteria. Messagingfunctionality. What else? 14. SummaryFacebook Profile Your new resumeApply with Facebook Easy. SecureSocial Referrals More EffectiveFacebook Careers Tab Social Career SiteFacebook Ads Targeted. Cheap.Graph Search 1 Billion candidatesThe Future of Recruiting? </p>