Harnessing Potential of iPads for Business Content

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Presentation given on the 31st March highlighting the potential for B2B marketeers to create compelling content for tablet devices.


  • 1. Bright BlueDayHarnessing thepotential of iPad forMAG+Seminar contentbusinessDRAFT 1 A Brighter Thinking Seminar 31st May 2012 Bedford Square, London 31st May 2012

2. IntroductionRichard Calvert Jeremy BaldwinRichard WestDavid FordBright Blue Day Bright Blue Day Mag+Bright Blue DayThe Tablet Imperative The Content App The Mag+ Experience Applying it to B2B 3. The Tablet ImperativeRichard CalvertBright Blue Day 4. Content marketing is marketers becoming publishers; owning themedia instead of renting it.Attracting and retaining customers by creating/curating valuable,compelling and relevant content to maintain or change behaviour. Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Junta42 and Content Marketing Institute quoted in B2B Content Marketing: Formats, Distribution and Measurement. October 2011 5. Content is key in B2B 9 out of 10 B2B organisations market with content 51% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets within the next year On average marketers spend >25% of their budget on content marketingA key driver in the use of digital channels is the accessibility of technology, making the production and distribution of content cost-effective.2012 SEO Benchmark Report, eConsultancy 6. Hype Cycle 2010Garther.comGartner.com 3D Flat panel TVs & Display Wireless PowerCloud Computing Augmented Reality Gesture Recognition Speech-to-Speech Translation 3D PrintingTablet PCsMobile Robots Micro BloggingLocation Aware Video Search Speech recognition ApplicationsE-bookreader Electronic Paper Internet micropaymentVideo tele-presence Mobile application Computer-brainstores interfacePublic Virtual WorldsHumanAugmentationTechnology Trigger Peak ofinflated Pocket inflated Trough of disillusionmentSlope of Plateau timePlateau ofexpectations expectationsenlightmentof productivityproductivityYears to mainstream adoption < 2 years 2-5 years 5-10 years >10 years 7. Two years later we see mass adoptionTablet shipment outpacing Growth rate of iPad ownersamongst mobile audiencenotebooks by 10:1Germany + 50%132mTablet sales up toItaly132 million in 2013 + 75%UK44% could not be Feb Jan + 115%separated from tablet20112012France15% of men would give up + 95%car to keep tabletSpain + 37% 25% of women would give up sexYahoo 2012Cisco IBSG Horizons Study 8. Impact on working life Todays B2B buyers are adopting...mobile platforms to consume information and conduct purchase research 90% of professional owners use 95% of organisations allow it for workemployee owned devices 60% use it primarily for work76% said they were great forbusiness 90% of said tablet increased productivity 24% of SMEs supplyemployees with tablet 3.3 connected devices per employee by 2014Cisco IBSG Horizons Study 9. Practicality and convenience drive adoption 10. Usage throughout the day During a Typical Day, at What Times Do You Usually Use Your Device? Laptop/ DesktopSmartphoneTablet 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%6AM8:59AM 9AM11:59AM 12PM2:59PM 3PM5:59PM 6PM8:59PM9PM11:59PM12AM2:59AM 3AM5:59AM 42% of tablet users say tablets 72% of tablet users report Dual allow me to explore new thingsScreen behaviour with TV 63% of tablet users in the UK51% use a tablet to fill what agreed that it is easier towould previously have been access media content on adead time tablet than on a mobile or laptop/desktopIAB 2012 11. Tablets join worlds and shift paradigms Geography Fast Intimacy SlowCuration 12. Tablets offer new opportunities to engagewith content in new ways Accessing content is no longer time constrained Content can be integrated into cross-channel, multi-screenconversations Businesses are able to offer unique depth of engagement tobetter engage senior stakeholders and decision makerswhen and where it matters Ability to repurpose and reuse content across audiences andlocations Deliver value across protracted sales and re-purchase cycles 13. We have a clear opportunity toleverage tablets to deliver compellingand effective content and services tocustomers, prospects and employees across an engaging and convenient digital platform. 14. What are the options?Jeremy BaldwinBright Blue Day 15. The rise of the app economy?The growth of smartphones and tablets fuelled a whole new economywith shift from web to app platforms:$38billion App market App economy1 billion Android App estimated to drives half adownloads in 2011 be $38 billion million jobs in US by 2015TechNet 16. The rise of the app economy? But whilst consumer and social apps enjoy all the buzz there is massive investment from B2B:590K25%43% 42% 43% of businesses25% growth inAverage investment are currently creating Mobile Enterprisein mobile projects apps for customers Applications will rise to 590K in 42% for employees next 18 monthsIDC 17. 2 App flavoursUtility Apps Content AppsAdd value by helping Apps that add value bypeople to do things more giving more convenientefciently, to be more and compelling access toproductive.content that drives stakeholder engagement. 18. Rise of the content app Tablet is a natural device for slow content likebooks, articles, magazines and video. Offers convenient and enhanced experiencethrough interactivity, rich media and connectivity. Opportunity for B2B marketers is to createexperiences dedicated to the tablet that drivedeeper engagement with stakeholders. 19. Many are already taking it... 20. There is a clear need for a tabletcontent strategy.Not just as an adjunct to web, mobile or offline plans, but as a channel in its own right. 21. ...but not in isolationCoherenceSynchronisation Screen sharing Device shifting Complementarity SimultaneityCourtesy of Christophe Stoll 22. App optionsMany ways to create the content experiences, and this complexitymakes it hard to know where to invest.But there are some clues.... OPEN CLOSED (browser/desktop)(app store) CONTENTAdapted PublishedWebsite App hybrid UTILITYWeb NativeApp App 23. Choosing a platform for content apps recency Italy PUBLISHED APPreplication WEB APPUKcompleteness technical France Web content apps are about nding, Published content apps are designed for deeper, more distributing, organising and sharing content.considered consumption. The enjoyment and value The container is less important, the value is in comes from the complete pixel perfect experience. the content itself. 24. It is all about the kind ofexperience you want to create. This comes from detailedunderstanding of audience, their expectations and needs. 25. We have a clear opportunity to deliver compelling, rich,interactive and connectedcontent experiences in anefficient and measurable waythat leverages existing skills andassets. 26. The Mag+ ExperienceRichard WestMag+ 27. A huge varierity of apps ...magplus.com 28. Credentials so farDigital Magazine of the Year Popular Science+ awarded by MIN Online (U.S.) Tablet App of the Year Popular Science+ awarded by MIN Online (U.S.) Innovator of the Year awardBonnier Corp (U.S.) awarded by the Publishing Executive Magazine (U.S.) magplus.com 29. Mag+ Philosophy Its about recreating the1experience: immersive, intimate, easy. Make content that feels2like it was made for this device. Create a simple and exible3system that lets creators do what they do best: designing pages, telling stories, connecting with readers.magplus.com 30. Show memagplus.com 31. Mag+ overviewCreateProduce Publish AppStore Android market Enterprise plug inproduce publish Reviewmagplus.com 32. Research Methods magplus.com 33. Corporate customers Sandvik Sybase Telenor Ericsson SKF Thule IC Company Nato ABB Volkswagen Ernst & Young Toyota Unilever Thule TetraPak magplus.com 34. Why tablet publishing? New market opportunities Increased quality, package and design content Cost effective distribution Efficient communication (push/online/offline) Easy to get started (test and evaluate) Low entry of barrier (no initial cost) Accurate information available Engaging the customer/employeemagplus.com 35. Application in B2B marketingDavid FordBright Blue Day 36. The app becomes a new channel?Approach can be applied to: Existing publications Existing communication assets Face to face presentations Company reports Internal communications...or completely new content-led services 37. Direct connection to your audienceCustomers andprospectsDeeper engagementbuilding on-goingrelationships and Employees enhanced revenue aligned and productiveworkforceInvestmentcommunityAccurate, up-to-date anddetailed picture of Management corporate activity and Greater clarity and insightperformance from enhanced customerand stakeholder interactionand data 38. Bright Blue DayContentContentPlanning ProductionContent ExperiencePublishstrategyDesign TouchpointIssue PlanningProduction 39. Already out there 40. Lets Play!